How to pass VLEK
How to pass VLEK. Instructions for use.

How to pass VLEK. Instructions for use. 


Instructions for use. Airline "aeroflot"

They sent you a list of necessary certificates and analyzes; they all should be complete, plus a picture is required for the FLG - ask where you have received the FLG, on the certificate from the psycho-neurological dispensary, 3 signatures are required. 

Here the secretary looked at all your information and issued a medical card for passing the VLEK and the queues begin, and in them acquaintance with your future Colleagues! 


  • 1. Lab. Rent tests. Blood hand over to VLEK together with all analyzes and learn what your hemoglobin, so you can drink vitamins and start eating very healthy foods: buckwheat, liver, nuts, pomegranates, and so on.

  • 2. Gynecologist. Before you go to VLEK, be sure to go to their clinic appointment, I can tell you if all is well, it may have something to treat. If all is not fatal, and you will bring all inspections and tests your gynecologist admits.

  • 3. Dentist. If there is no visible defects and all is well, then put a stamp "Oral cavity sanitized."

  • 4. Psychologist. Write to various tests, and then it is a conversation with you, asking why the profession of cabin crew that you know about it, and so on. He writes conclusion, without which takes neurologist. Upon successful passing VLEK the second copy is necessary to take into Melkisarovo.

  • 5. Func. diagnostics. ECG. Go eat in the buffet, but do not drink coffee and those who smoke do not smoke. 

  • 6. Audiogram. At a special machine check your hearing. The doctor who is receiving, does not like those - who listens to music through headphones, so remove them out of sight, and told her that he did not understand those - who use them. Her conclusion is also no you will not audiologist.

  • 7. Otolaryngologist. This is where the x-ray of the paranasal sinuses is needed with a description. If there are no deviations from the norm, then everything is fine. Then you move to the other end of the cabinet and call you different numbers or letters in a whisper, you need to sound what you hear, and then twist on a chair with eyes closed first in one direction, stop, and you open your eyes and look at a certain object, and then in the other is the same. 

  • 8. Dermatologist. Skin, nails and other already as it is. Do not take no gynecologist.

  • 9. Ophthalmologist. Vision is the same, which is, is there.

  • 10. Surgeon. Do not take no dermatologist and gynecologist.

  • 11. Therapist. Everything has to be super-duper. I had a great blood, but still sent to retake.

  • 12. Neurologist. I advise you to go last, as she looks at the results of the examination at the ophthalmologist, the therapist and often sends to a psychiatrist. 


If the doctors are trying to dissuade you or say bad things (the neurologist, internist, psychiatrist), it does not mean they do not like you, just checking on prof. fitness and stress resistance.
The MP is not a bad buffet.

 Elena Olkhovskaya