How to become a civilian pilot.
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How to become a civilian pilot.

How to become a civilian pilot?



What is her profession - a pilot, where you can get a document certifying your belonging to her, what you should know before making a choice. What is needed in order to raise an airplane into the sky? How to become a civilian pilot? Will there be enough of a certain baggage of knowledge, which is received in flight technical schools or universities. These and many other questions are of interest to the young male generation.

To the great regret of applicants and airlines, everything is not so simple. Moreover, the situation in the profession is extremely confusing - on the one hand, there is a shortage of pilots, on the other hand, graduates are not hired. But, all in order.


How to become a civilian pilot

Selection criteria.


Educational institutions of this kind mainly exist on the basis of budgetary places, but not everyone will get into them. The reason is undergoing a medical examination, any deviation from the norm may become a reason for refusal.

The future pilot must have a healthy heart, blood vessels, lungs, normal blood pressure, and the vestibular apparatus without violations. During the learning process, students, or rather, the students repeatedly will take a commission for any health problem, you can leave the profession.

Pilots undergo medical examination not only during training, but also throughout their working life, they pass carefully, looking ahead with a bias. Probably for this reason, in our time, much less representatives of this profession are graduated than literally a couple of decades ago, this leads to the fact that, for example, in a five-year period of time, twice as many pilots are retiring relative to entering the service.


What is taught pilots.


The life of a student of the flying profession is very interesting and eventful. To begin with, he gets acquainted with the device of various types of aircraft. He studies the methods and possibilities of operating and controlling the ship, in professional language it is called navigation, which includes the theory and practice of aircraft control methods, as well as routing - its orientation in the optimally chosen spatial path.

They study the design of aircraft and their engines, meteorology, aerodynamics. They learn to provide first aid, jump with a parachute, master the skills of a rescuer. Also, every pilot must know English to work on international flights.

Practice usually takes place in training complexes on special simulators.


How to become a civilian pilot 2


What awaits graduates.


But, despite the shortage of specialists in this profession, not every company opens its doors to young graduates, or rather, they will not open their doors at all. After graduation from an educational institution, where cadets acquire a small number of hours spent at the helm, they should start improving their qualifications: increase hours of flight and obtain a flight license. The more hours a graduate flies, the more favorable light he will appear before the future employer.

And this is where the graduate pilot runs into a big problem. Even in the last century, all this was very easy and simple, but the educational organizations that issued the license and helped fly the clock were closed or transferred to private management. Because, all this is incredibly expensive - fuel, equipment, repairs and simple maintenance.


 How to become a pilot without an educational institution.


As mentioned above, there are flying clubs that provide piloting courses and flight hours, mostly commercial, where there is a stepwise training system. 

  • The first stage - upon graduation, a certificate of an amateur pilot is issued, with which you can fly, but you cannot get a job, so to speak - your own pilot.

  • The second stage is a commercial pilot. Prior to obtaining a certificate of this stage are allowed only with a certificate of the previous stage. The pilot already has the right to work, fly light aircraft, go on commercial flights on aircraft that have only one engine. These commercial pilots are usually hired by small airlines for short-haul flights.

  • The third stage is line pilots. A certificate of this category also cannot be obtained without the first two or a pilot's diploma from any educational institution. A line pilot has ten times more flying hours than a university graduate and the right to fly all aircraft, and these are the pilots that airline employers are looking for. And they are not just looking for, but literally, they are tracking and waiting.


 To help the prospective applicant, a list of the main Higher and secondary educational institutions has been compiled.


Colleges - press hereTo see all the high schools and their description

Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation, Moscow Air Force Engineering Academy named after NE Zhukovsky Air Force Academy named after Yu. A. Gagarin, Monino settlement, Moscow Region. Military Space Academy named after AF Mozhaisky in St. Petersburg, University of Civil Aviation in St. Petersburg. Aviation Technical University in Rybinsk. State Aerospace University in Samara Air Force Academy named after Professor NE Zhukovsky and Yu. A. Gagarin in Voronezh. State Aviation Technical University in Ufa.



 Kaluga Aviation Flight Technical School Taganrog Aviation College. V. M. Petlyakova Troitsky Aviation Technical College.

 This, of course, is not a complete list, but almost every educational institution has its own website where you can see more detailed information.


Purpose: Aviation tourism; flights on the route.


So how do you become a civilian pilot? If you want to fly abroad periodically, then getting a certificate of an amateur pilot in Russia does not make any sense at all. It is better to immediately determine in which region you will most often fly - in Europe or the United States of America. If in Europe, then you need to study in Europe in order to get PPL recognized by all EU countries. If in the future you are planning most of your flights in non-European countries, then it is much more profitable to get PPL in the United States of America. It is much cheaper and easier to obtain: not so many exams need to be passed.

How to become a civilian pilot.


Abroad, you can be taught much more than just take off, fly in circles and land on the runway. You will also be able to perform en-route flights, acquire navigational knowledge, the ability to work with synoptic forecasts and make a decision about the possibility of takeoff. From the very beginning, you will study in English, so flying abroad in the future will not be associated with the difficulties of the language - the phraseology of radio exchange is also included in the PPL course.

How to become a civilian pilot.


Even if you plan on less frequent occasional flights in the United States of America or Europe, you still need to get PPL there, abroad. Indeed, although in Russia a Russian pilot's license is required to fly, as mentioned above, you will almost never be able to fly alone. And this means that the absence or presence of your evidence does not play a huge role in this regard.

How to become a civilian pilot.


If you want to learn the basics of piloting and subsequently purchase a private plane for the purpose of flights in Russia, foreign PPL converted into Russian will be quite easy.

In recent years, Russia began to appear the opportunity to rent a light aircraft for independent flight. So if you do not plan to in the near future to buy private plane and going to fly less 100 hours per year, with an option for you will be renting one of the most suitable. To implement it in life will be easier to be trained in the Russian club, which later you are going to rent a plane to take.

How to become a civilian pilot.


There are various study programs in Europe and the United States of America aimed at acquiring a CPL (Commercial Pilot) or ATPL (Line Pilot) license. You can add a "rating" to each license, giving you the full right to fly at night, on multi-engine aircraft, on instruments, and so on. After completing the ATPL training, you also need to obtain a type rating (admission to operate an aircraft of a specific type, for example, Boeing-737-500). It is also possible to take courses require interaction in the crew for the coordinated work of the crew commander and co-pilot (MCC).

How to become a civilian pilot.


The great advantage of studying abroad is that after acquiring an instructor's license, you can gain the next flight hours without spending your money, but earning them. For example, moonlighting as an instructor.

The disadvantage is that, although the Russian Federation formally obliged to recognize the license ATPL and CPL in accordance with the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation, in fact, the Russian service create all conditions to ensure that such a transformation in my life happened. Therefore, for the purchase of Russian certificates have most likely come to the program and increasing the qualification for the second time to listen to the theory of the Russian school.

At the same time, many aircraft used in Russia have registrations of non-Russian origin. This means that you do not need to have a Russian pilot certificate to operate them, you must have a certificate of the country in which the aircraft is registered. And in this case, the airline is engaged in the re-registration of the certificate, for which it is much easier to convert one foreign certificate into another than a Russian one into a foreign one. Therefore, most of the efforts should be directed not at the independent re-registration of the certificate into the Russian one, but at more hours of flight and an agreement with the airline.

How to become a civilian pilot.

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To fly on domestic flights abroad, one must study abroad.

Zdravstvuyte.Ya citizen of the Republic of Belarus and after okanchyaniya 11 class want to become civil pilotom.Posdeazhite please, what do I need and how many points you need to be healthy nabrat.Polnostyu.

You can be trained in Ukraine.
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