How to return the money for the ticket. Instructions to travelers
How to return the money for the ticket. Instructions to travelers

How to return the money for the ticket. Instructions to travelers

Air travel - fun is not cheap. And to save money, many choose to buy tickets in advance. But what if circumstances changed trip and booked a ticket for a few months at a competitive price is no longer needed?

Usually, people are turning to the reservation system, booking office or the office itself in the airline, so they returned the money. However, not every company is willing to part with the money that was paid for the tickets.

How to get the money spent for the ticket back? How much can I get back?

Fortunately, according to the "Air Code of the Russian Federation", the document that governs the activities of aviation in our country, there is no non-return tickets. Even the tickets purchased during the promotional period, you can return to the carrier. There are cases where the passengers managed to win in court against the airlines.

If you return the ticket no later than 24 hours prior to departure, the air carrier is obliged to return it to you the full price. But there is one caveat: if the rules established by the airline, not specified grace period. What is it - is not clear. Perhaps this applies to those "non-performing" tickets purchased on the stock at a discount, but no.

There is a vivid example of life. A resident of Volgograd attempted pass ticket bought almost a month before departure. The carrier returned her money only for fuel surcharges, as originally stipulated that the ticket is not refundable. She was forced to appeal to the Federal Service. The court decided to return to her the amount spent on the ticket, in accordance with Article 108 Air Code.

In addition, there is still FAS from 5 April 2010 the city - "to exclude the sale of tickets at tariffs that did not mean a return of their value in the event of failure by the client transportation." But in this department also prescription 108 article refers to the Air Code.

Terms return ticket air carrier:

1. Article 108 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter VC RF).

Customer Airlines can refuse flight, then notify the carrier no later than 24 hours before it is sent, if the latter is not defined grace period, and receive the full amount of the air transportation.

In case of cancellation of the flight after the deadline a passenger can get the amount of the retention fee. The amount of such a charge should not exceed 25% of the total cost of the ticket.

2. Clause 100 of the Rules for the Formation and Application of Tariffs for Regular Air Carriage of Passengers and Baggage, Collection of Dues in the Field of Civil Aviation.

The fee for the rejection of the flight is set by the carrier in an amount not more than 25% the amount that was paid by the passenger for air travel, if it has not been implemented in any part, as in the case of partial implementation - of not more than 25% of the amount paid of the outstanding stages of transportation.

3. Clause 2 of Article 102 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation.

In the presence of its rules of air transport airlines, including rules for the sale of air transportation, it must provide access to them in the customer sales offices, offices of airlines and by placing information on the official site.

a) the carrier to provide access to information:

• about all existing fares used by the airline on the route, and the terms of their use. Such information should be provided in the native language, in the presence of special codes and terms, contain the necessary clarification;

• about all additional charges used by the carrier, legality and the procedure for their establishment;

• on the procedure for refunding money in the event of changes in the conditions of carriage or refusal from it.

b) Exclude the sale of air travel, excluding the voluntary return of the refusal by the passenger air transportation.

In his address to the shipping company or to the court you need to follow federal regulations, the Air Code of the Russian Federation, the Russian Constitution, the Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights and other, only then to refer to" internal rules of transportation "of a company.

Where to go

Places where you will return airfare, registered in the internal rules of the air carrier. The most convenient way to find them on the official website of the company. You can also call the reference carrier, it will prompt the necessary phone numbers and addresses.

It is an established procedure return flight shipping company. They are, as it may be, will never be in conflict with the rules of air traffic. This should include that money in case of failure of the trip can be returned "in the agencies entitled to ticket sales at the box office the airline, as well as items that are provided airline regulations."

Another no less important point - there are different directives that are somewhat contrary to the Air Code. According to the lawyers, the court in case of dispute, is primarily governed by the Air Code and then take into account intra-rule.

The sequence of actions during the return ticket:

1. Find the coordinates of the company in which you booked the ticket. For example, if you bought it from a travel company or on a booking site, then contact them, not the airline.

2. Specify the rules for the exchange of air tickets, which are valid in this or that organization. Such information will be attached to the e-ticket file. In addition, it is often posted on the organization's website. Such data will help you, if necessary, defend your rights.

3. Contact the company where you booked your ticket by calling or going to the office. In this case, be prepared that you will need passport data confirming your identity. Do not lose the ticket itself, as it contains a unique number that you must inform the company employee.

If you bought it in the agency, it is necessary to write a statement in this company (e-mail), informing its refusal to air travel, with a request to return the money in the bank card, based on the article 108 VC RF (well, if you protsitiruete position relative to its case).

If the Russian agency, that would be nice to duplicate this article by sending it by mail with return receipt requested the agency or person referred to the office and put a mark on a copy of the receipt. This document is required to you, if the case goes to court. In the case of foreign agencies are somewhat more complicated. "Get" him from the Russian judicial showdowns cost is more expensive. It is important to fix the time of its notification of the rejection of your ticket.

4. If you bought inexpensive tickets, then in most cases you will not be able to return the entire amount. Companies will charge you a certain percentage for the cancellation. If you decide to cancel your flight in less than 3 days, be prepared for the amount of the fine to increase to half of the ticket price. After you agree on the amount, ask how you can get the money back in cash or to a bank account.

5. In case of refusal in the agency, contact the air carrier directly. It is better if the refusal is in the form of a document, although an email will also work.

6. It is necessary to write exactly the same statement to the air carrier by e-mail and send a similar one by mail to one of the Russian missions (where or from where they were going to fly).

Attach a copy of the agency's refusal to transfer the arrows on the air carrier and the statement refer to it. Also, it is important that the company has got a letter of not less than one day before departure. In addition, the paper may be needed in the event of a complaint or court Federal Air Transport Agency. Although it will be enough just to print the correspondence to her.

7. What to do in this case, if an answer comes to the mail - "Sorry, the fare is non-refundable" (with subsequent correspondence, they may offer you some kind of voucher for a flight with a limited validity period).

Do not be afraid to be insistent, write the second letter: "Please comply with the laws of the Russian Federation, do not violate my rights." The number of letters depends on your perseverance and the presentation of arguments. At the same time, for the second time you can write the following: "If you, Mrs. X, are not going to return my debt for the air ticket, refer to the manual for making a decision"; For the third time - "Solve my question more quickly with competent managers, because under the legislation of our country for delaying the execution of a reasonable claim, penalties are to be charged (this is the Law" On Protection of Consumer Rights "); For the fourth time - "You ignore me, than violate the Air Code of the Russian Federation, I will be compelled to complain about the company to Rosaviatsia"; For the fifth time - "The manager of the company forces me to solve this issue through the court, where I will sue for recovery of default interest and debt for delay in execution."

At some stage, they are likely to retreat and return the money for the ticket. Just take your time and do not be nervous, write it only after getting an answer. Sometimes this procedure is delayed up to several weeks. If the company-carrier will return the money through an agent, that is a high probability that you will be able to return all commissions. If you directly, you will need to strain of the agent, citing the example of an air carrier.

If there is no result easiest way to send a complaint to the carrier in the Federal Air Transport Agency by mail, attaching thereto correspondence. Of course, we will have to wait until then, until the bureaucratic machine works, but it actually works on 95%, and for that you do not have to pay.

If the case goes to court, then in any case, your lawyer gives 100% th result. Moreover, the claim can be presented as the airlines, and its representative, to sell you a ticket. You will be able to return the double cost of the ticket, if an action is to be built on the Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights. According to him, the court may be assessed a penalty to the debtor (by request of the claimant), which is 0,5% of the size of the debt for each day of delay from the receipt of the first request for a refund.

As a rule, the amount of fines exacted limited to the principal. Do not forget to specify the demand for payment by the debtor of the plaintiff state tax and court costs, such claims are met by the courts almost "on the machine".

Where better to complain about?

Various excuses and tricks carriers who often hears passenger come for the reason that have their own rules for air traffic each airline, the rule-setting tariffs, the use of additional fees. Representatives of the company always refer to them when they try to keep the customer more money for airline tickets deposited.

If the written claims and negotiations do not work, the next thing you need to do - to make a complaint to the Federal Air Transport Agency (which today can be done even through the Internet by visiting the official website of the Federal Air Transport Agency).

Also, you can assist in the Union of Russian consumers and Rospotrebnadzor, where and addressed a resident of Volgograd, the history of which has been described above.

In the event that the airline went bankrupt, the situation is somewhat more complicated. Of course, you can sue the company and win it, but no one gives you guarantees of payment. There is no insurance for such a case. Many passengers to this day can not refund the money spent for failed flights. 

Hello! 29.12.17 bought a ticket Moscow-Novosibirsk-Moscow on Ural Airlines for 09.02.18 back 21.02.18 for Promo fare. I was going to go to a relative. But the relative disappeared without a trace (according to investigators, he fell through the ice). Today I called the Ural Airlines about the return of the ticket and money, to which I was told that the Promo fare is irrecoverable and the money will not be returned to me. On the phone, I tried to explain that under the law there should be no non-refundable tickets and that I want to send a Return Application. But he refused. Should I try to get money back? Regards, Oleg.