Secrets registration helipad
How to register a helipad?

Competent helipad registration from experts


Secrets registration helipad

Main questions?

  • What documents are needed to register a helipad?

  • What challenges await along the way aircraft owners?


All the secrets of registration helipad


Private helipad has become a reality for many owners of country homes outside Moscow. As to the sites for take-off, landing, taxiing and parking of aircraft are presented clear requirements, not every owner of a helicopter fails to pass his registration. What challenges await in the way of this procedure, and the secret of success?


Register helipad with a successful scenario it takes about a month


What are the requirements to the site

  1. For this purpose, suitable for both private land and leased.

  2. The site should be located outside the Moscow Ring Road.

  3. Matter and geological characteristics: the site should be smooth, with good drainage, as well as free of dust, dirt, stones and other objects that can damage the blade or engine.

  4. Certify is possible as asphalted or concreted section and covered with a boardwalk, but the asphalt is always preferable. The surface must support not only the normal load and shock, possible emergency landing.

  5. Dimensions - at least 35 35 x m.


Some equip the area of ​​service station fuel storage, hangar and equipment - meteorological and radio. For these purposes it is better to provide an option more than 35 35 x m.


What is included in the package


  1. A notarized copy of the title document on the land - ownership or lease.

  2. The consent of the local administration in the form of a letter, drawn up in the name of the owner or tenant of land. This document may not appear in the overall package, but if any chances of a favorable outcome the owner is seriously increased.

  3. It is also necessary to provide the exact coordinates of the future site.

helipad 2

The registration fee depends on the location of the helipad


The registration may be refused if:

  • in the area of ​​the planned accommodation has air routes and airports, as well as the restricted air zone;

  • in the surrounding area residential construction, and high levels of noise from air transport may prevent or make discomfort in her life;

  • the way of entry and exit, there are obstacles that do not allow to perform these operations safely, for example, urban construction, sports facilities or populated areas (as far as preventing these or other objects is determined on the basis of existing federal aviation law).


site registration

The documents submitted for registration in the Federal Service for Supervision of Transport


Today, the Dmitrovskoye Highway, where many elite villages and yacht clubs are located, and the highways are overloaded, is considered the most sought-after Moscow area for helicopter traffic. However, this does not in the least prevent many, and in other areas of the Moscow region, from building and registering parking places for their own air transport. 


Marketed by "Helic Group"

Build and execute a helipad can be both alone and turn to the professionals. If selected for this object is already completed, the procedure provides:

  • examination for compliance under the platform;
  • development of the project for its construction;
  • conversion of land;
  • a permit for the construction work;
  • direct construction;
  • delivery commission of the object:
  • certification;
  • registration at the Federal Reserve.


If the object is only being built or designed, we perform:

  • its certification after passing;
  • Fed into registration with the proviso that two diameters larger than the rotor model helicopter customer.


After work, you get your hands on not only a passport, but also the "Instruction on flight operations", designed specifically for your case. It will be specified rules call for a landing and exit from the territory, the operating frequencies of radio and other technical advice. Cost of services is determined individually for each case - learn more about it you can on request from our experts.

Helic group


"Helic Group" company specializes in the sales, technical training and maintenance of helicopters the most popular today marks Robinson (US), Eurocopter (France), Bell (US), Agusta (Italy).

The lineup of helicopters is formed from the latest models, which can be used for corporate, office or personal use. "Helic Group" offers a large selection of new and resource vehicles with conversion potential and self-assembly. The scope of services also includes:

  • a certificate of airworthiness in the helicopter and certificate of state registration;
  • shipping destination bazirovki in that configuration that corresponds to the client's requirements and the Russian certificate data sheet;
  • final assembly and test circled;
  • pilot training and engineering staff;
  • assistance in registration of the helipad;
  • Maintenance.

"Helic Group" is an authorized dealer and service center of the manufacturer Robinson Helicopter Company (USA), which produces the most popular light helicopters in the world. The company carries out repairs and maintenance of helicopters in accordance with the aviation legislation of the Russian Federation (the certificate of conformity by the organization helicopters MRO R44 № 2021120198).

In Russia and CIS "Helic Group" carries out direct deliveries of Eurocopter helicopters production prices of the manufacturer. The company is ready to offer new and resource helicopters under any operational problems.

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