Which country attacked Pearl Harbor?
Which country attacked Pearl Harbor?

Which country attacked Pearl Harbor?


What country is attacked Pearl Harbor? Japan!

It was beautiful weather and, apparently, did not promise ... In 8 the morning to the sounds of the orchestra, on Navy ships, as usual, raised the American flag. Suddenly he heard wafting rumble of engines, and the north-east in the sky seemed black dots. Lined up for the flag raising ceremony, the men did not even have time to figure out what was going on: the sound of the orchestra and accompanied by machine-gun fire, sews rank.

The attack on Pearl Harbor called insidious and perfidious attack planned in advance manic Japanese generals, which was involved in a special kind of troops, intended for crushing blows from the air - sea deck-based aircraft. Video stories about this event is full Internet access. However, among the plurality of rollers, in paints describe events as they represent the official version, there are also alternatives.

Later about Pearl Harbor will remove the film. For a more inquiring explanation, criminal negligence and carelessness, which was shown by the leadership of the allied forces and the airbase itself, will serve.  


The famous political scientist Kazuhiko Togo, the grandson of the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs of that time, has a different opinion. He claims that it was not carelessness at all, but cold cynical calculation that led to what we now know as Pearl Harbor. Not all Japanese were like General Yamamoto and dreamed of getting involved in war. In particular, Foreign Minister Shigenori Togo worked hard to prevent his country from being dragged further into the conflict. Pacifist sentiments also prevailed in the United States. The attack on Pearl Harbor radically changed American public opinion and untied President Roosevelt's hands.  

Kazuhiko Togo based his version on contradictory facts, archival documents and eyewitness accounts of the events - his mother and the daughter of Foreign Minister of Japan. I must say that Togo - not the only one who pays attention to the obvious inconsistencies: a fantastic conclusion, however, the questions themselves by roller puts true.


Which country attacked Pearl Harbor?


And for some happy accident, shortly before the attack, some cruisers were withdrawn from the base at Pearl Harbor, without which the Americans would have been very difficult in the future? Also, during the raid, the Japanese for some reason did not destroy American fuel depots, a power station, a repair depot and a submarine base. There are questions about the ambiguous hints of American diplomacy in the negotiations with the Japanese. Finally, it is known that the European leaders had information about Japan's plans, but they, for some reason, did not inform Roosevelt about this. Perhaps they also really needed a strong ally in the fight against the Nazis?