What Russian planes carried out an operation in Syria
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What Russian planes carried out an operation in Syria?

What Russian planes carried out an operation in Syria?


Russian Air Force began preparations for a military operation against "Islamic state" in early September. The media to understand what Russian air force, on the basis of documentary evidence placed on the territory of Syria.

Generalskie flights

Syrian aviablog LuftwaffeAS Tuesday published several photos depicting the Russian bombers Su-34 in the sky over the Syrian state. On one of the photos you can see six fighter-bombers, following the transport plane, visually similar to the Russian Tu-154.

sous-34 Syria


Aviation service Flightradar24 provided data that on September 28.09, the Tu-154 aircraft (tail number RA-85155), which is on the balance of the Russian Air Force, took off from Nalchik, crossed the Caspian Sea, Iranian and Iraqi airspace, and landed in Latakia. This aircraft was previously at the disposal of the 223rd Air Force Detachment of the Ministry of Defense, which serves the visits of the top military leadership. Earlier, in the spring of 2014, this information was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense, when an investigation was conducted by the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) A. Navalny.

The scandal erupted because of reports on the implementation of FBK flight Russian aircraft Tu-154 during the May holidays to the Seychelles. The opposition leader said that the military objectives is not persecuted, and representatives of the Ministry of Defense went to the Seychelles for fishing. Then, the Defense Ministry reported that the aircraft tail number RA-85155, belonging to the state airline «223-th aircraft division," the practice of commercial flight. "On this flight there was no civil servants, military personnel, delegates and officials" - was confirmed by the Defense Ministry.

Navalny investigation showed that the presented aircraft operated by military repeatedly for international visits of the Ministry of Defence, represented by Minister Sergei Shoigu and Anatoly Serdyukov.

Catechumens Flightradar24 data indicate landing in Latakia two more Tu-155 Russian Air Force (tail number RA-85563 and RA-85041) in the last ten days of September.

The Tu-155 with the tail number RA-85041 19.09 flew to Orenburg-Baghdad, 21.09 flew from the capital of Iraq to Tehran, and from there 22.09 headed for Latakia. 



Magomed Tolboyev, President of MAX and renowned test pilot, confirmed that the aircraft technician Company «223-th aircraft division" actually operated to perform traffic commanders of the General Staff and the Defense Ministry.
Last Friday, the television channel Fox News, citing its own sources, has announced the arrival in Baghdad of Russian generals, who started working in the joint Focal Point with the Iranian and Syrian counterparts and Iranian militia. They are engaged in the development of military operations against the organization "Islamic State", which controls the northern part of the country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday confirmed the creation of an information center in Baghdad. He also said that he had sent a message to establish a focal point for the fight against terrorism the country's leadership, including the United States.

On Tuesday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov on the administration of the United States offers to carry out air strikes on the positions of the terrorists "Islamic state" in coordination with the ground forces.

New Russian airbase


Latakia - Syrian port, which is located in 60 km from Tartus, where in Soviet times was built material base of the Russian Navy. Correspondents of the newspaper "Kommersant" found that the number of Russian military base in Tartus on September 1700 was a man, although previously worked here only a few people. The Russian Defense Ministry has repeatedly raised the media aware of the fact that the delegation of military experts in Syria accompanied by military vehicles for the troops of Bashar Assad, which is used in the fight against "Islamic state."



Earlier, 14 September, representatives of the private intelligence company Stratfor published images from the air base in Latakia. Analysts who engaged in their analysis found evidence of the deployment of the Russian military campaign in Latakia. The photographs show the construction of two additional helipads and the extension of the runway across the entire width. Also, based on the statements of Stratfor experts, the photo shows buildings and towers that can be used to accommodate servicemen. According to the report of the reconnaissance company, construction work is being carried out throughout the airport, in some parts of it old asphalt covering has been replaced by a new one.

The photographs seen Russian bombers Su-24, Su-30, Su-25, transport aircraft IL-76 and combat helicopters Mi-24. The agency "Agence France Presse", citing government sources, published information about the deployment in Latakia 28 military aircraft.

On Tuesday, the network of correspondents got video of the French television channel TF1, filmed at the airport Latakia. It can be seen transport An-124, as well as combat aircraft Su-24 and Mi-24. On the Syrian LuftwaffeAS blog on Wednesday published a photo of Mi-24, flying in the sky over the local airfield.



The localization of such air force forces in Latakia already allows the combat missions assigned by the country's leadership to provide military assistance to Syria, according to military expert V. Murakhovsky. Su-25 attack aircraft tested by time and participated in military campaigns in Afghanistan, the North Caucasus and South Ossetia. This tactical bomber is able to effectively carry out the air fire support of the Syrian infantry. Su-34 and Su-24M front bombers can be equipped with precision weapons to destroy enemy personnel and equipment, as well as to destroy the infrastructure of militants throughout the country. The expert does not exclude the possibility of providing military assistance even to Iraq if his government asks for it. The Su-30CM fighter aircraft will cover the Russian aviation in Syria. The search and rescue teams, the technical support battalion, air defense and radio intelligence equipment can provide all the necessary conditions for the use of the Russian Air Force on the territory of intelligence. 


ESM and drones


On conducting reconnaissance flights with the help of Russian drones over Syria announced in September, the agency Reuters, referring to information from the two US officials. US officials have called their first air reconnaissance operations of the Russians in the Syrian territory.
In July, Syrian militants published a photo showing two downed Russian drone, which fell for the 30 and 60 kilometers from the military base at Latakia. One of them can be identified as "Orlan-10» - unmanned, previously seen in the conflict in the Donbass Ukraine. Another, judging by the photos, the Russian drone "Aileron-3SV." Prior to that, the rebels shot down Iranian drone only.

Previously, was subjected to publicity information on accommodation in Syria GRU RF signals intelligence center. Free Syrian army of rebels, 5.10.2014 the city took control of the facility is close to the borders of Jordan and Israel, with the logo "On Center". On it were applied the logo of one of the Syrian intelligence and electronic intelligence GRU Osnaz.



Stands that hung in the room were filled with photographs of the Russian military with Russian signatures "The visit of the Russian Defence Ministry adviser Kudelina LI", "The working visit of Head of the Main Directorate of International Military Cooperation of the Russian Armed Forces ',' joint processing of information by the Syrian and Russian officers" . There was also a map signed as' Sources and sites of the northern military district of the armed forces of Israel. "

The rebels confirmed that all Russian-Syrian military object advance evacuated, presumably for the same object "Center-S2", which according to information posted on the stands is in Syria.


By Bloomberg, citing its own sources, reported that the president of the Russian Air Force is ready to order air strikes on the positions of the terrorists in Syria unilaterally if the US does not want to cooperate with Syria to resolve the conflict.

According to military experts, the staff of the Russians taking part in a military operation in Syria, is safe. Islamist militants do not have weapons capable to knock down Russian military aircraft the Air Force, even excluding the possibility of in the hands of the rebels advanced air defense systems. Weapons of this kind is under tight state control, which they possess. Its use in a combat zone would entail serious political responsibility.

Most likely, Russian combat aircraft and helicopters will first be used in a covering operation in the Idlib province by the Syrian army, which is planned to be carried out to return the territory of Palmyra to control by the Syrian government. 

"on the landing in Latakia of two more Tu-155 aircraft of the Russian Air Force"
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