What growth is acceptable for flight attendants?
What growth is acceptable for flight attendants?

What is acceptable for growth flight attendants?



The official website of Transaero presents the following data:

Girls: height 165 - 180 cm, 

Boys: height 170 - 185 cm


Elena Luchkina (Aeroflot)

And as usual, I will give an example! The height should be at least 160, see, but not higher than 175, see. This is to reach the shelves if necessary (do not get the stewardess in the dress on the back of the chair, or even more so on the seated passenger). If it's relative to me, then my height is 164 cm, with this in the course of the problems just was not there! We had an "inch" at the interview, very cute, English knew well, but as soon as she went into the office for an interview, she was taken to measure growth. Unfortunately, it was too small for the stewardess. And girls with the growth of 178 took without problems. With small deviations from the norm, a successful interview is possible.

Alina Kruminja (Etihad)

Height, in my airline? No matter what your growth if you can on tiptoes to reach the mark 210sm you godites. At the same time, an important role to play not so much growth as the length of the hands.

Growth is necessary in order to reach the emergency equipment (to mask in the panels in the case of decompression, for example).
To open shelves that are at the tail straight into the ceiling, there is also stored equipment (baby bassinets).


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