Category: Classification of airplanes
Category: Classification of airplanes

Category: Classification of airplanes


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Classification of aircraft is carried on different grounds and the main purpose aircraft. Classification serves flight and technical characteristics and types of used engines, in addition to these parameters to take into consideration a large number of features, which are divided into different types of aircraft. The following will be considered for the classification of aircraft powerplant features and design features.

Classification of aircraft taking into account the structural features of IG Zhytomyr.

Taking into account the aerodynamic configuration:

  • The normal structure of the scheme.

  • "Tailless" - planes made in this scheme, aerodynamics, have some planes on horizontal management. Management is carried tail plane.

  • "Duck" - in this circuit controls are longitudinal in the front part of the wing.

  • Convertible - the most prominent representative of this type is the Tu-144.

  • Tandem - an aircraft that has two wings, which are arranged one behind the other.

  • The longitudinal triplane - empennage, horizontal type, and the rest - in transition.

Depending on the location of the wing

As the number of set of wings:

  • Polyplane.

  • Triplane - airplanes have three wings.

  • Polutoraplan - lower wing is much shorter than the upper.

  • Biplane - the plane with two wings, which in most cases are located one above the other.

  • Monoplane - airplanes with a supporting surface.

By type of arrangement of the wing (monoplane):

  • Parasol.

  • Midwing.

  • Vysokoplan.

  • Nizkoplan.

  • Seagull.

Set the outer part of the wing (monoplane):

  • Braced monoplane.

  • Cantilever.

  • Podnosny monoplane.

Set the outer part of the wing (polyplane):

  • Podkosny.

  • Podkosny-rack.

  • Rack.

  • Cantilever.

  • -Braced rack.

Depending on the shape of the wings:

  • Round.

  • Rectangular.

  • Parabolic.

  • Ellipse.

  • Triangular.

  • The trapezoid.

  • Ring.

  • Oval

Depending on the type of wing sweep:

  • Direct to the sweep angle in degrees 0.

  • Reverse sweep.

  • Variable sweep during the implementation of the flight.

  • Direct sweep.

  • Variable sweep.

A special type of structure of the wing:

  • Arched - used for aircraft constructor Antonov, which is designated as a "product 181».

Depending on the tail:

  • Average - with a standard keel and horizontal tail.

    • The plumage of the keel in the middle of the plane.

    • The plumage on the fuselage.

    • Feathering T-shaped end of the keel.

  • Crosswise.

  • Dvuhkilevoe:

    • U-shaped.

    • Dvuhkilevoe diversity.

    • Two-girder.

  • The ducted.

  • Mnogokilevoe.

  • A Y-shaped.

  • V-shaped.

Depending on the fuselage structure:

  • A boat.

  • Ball type fuselage.

  • Dvuhfyuzelyazhny.

  • Odnofyuzelyazhny.

  • Bezfyuzelyazhny (used gondola).

  • Gondola with two beams.

Depending on the type of gear:

  • Pillar scheme - used on seaplanes and gliders.

  • Bike or double-seat type.

  • Tricycle:

    • with the nose wheel;

    • with tail wheel.

  • Four circuit.

  • Multibasic system chassis.

Depending on the used supporting elements:

  • Skiing.

  • Wheel.

  • Mixed (wheel-ski).

  • Crawler.

  • The cup.

  • Hovercraft.

Aircraft differ and features used by power plants. This is characteristic of the aircraft fall into several categories.

Depending on the type of aircraft engine is classified as:

  • Steam.

  • Muscular.

  • Piston (petrol and diesel internal combustion installation).

  • Jet type (WFD):

    • Turbojet.

    • Jet pulsating type.

    • Air-breathing ramjet type.

  • Turboprop.

  • Turboshaft engines of the type (used on the AN-140).

  • Turbojet with dual scheme:

    •  Turbopropfan.

    • Turbofan.

  • Rocket Engine Type:

    • Solid.

    • Liquid.

  • Electric.

  • Nuclear.

  • Combined.

Depending on the number of installed engines share all planes into two types, namely, single-engine and multi-engined.

Depending on the location of the engine on the fuselage release:

  • In the forward compartment.

  • In the middle of the case:

    • The bottom of the fuselage.

    • On top of the fuselage.

  • The tail section:

    • In the bay and on the sides.

    • Only on the fuselage sides.

    • On top of the fuselage.

  • On the wing:

    • Near the wingtips.

    • In the middle of the wing.

    • Fundamentally.

    • Under the wing over the wing or on the designated pylons.

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