Kyiv is hitting strategic targets in Russia! Is Russia ready to answer for violating “red lines”?
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Kyiv is hitting strategic targets in Russia! Is Russia ready to answer for violating “red lines”?

Kyiv is hitting strategic targets in Russia! Is Russia ready to answer for violating “red lines”?

After a Ukrainian drone hit Russia's nuclear shield - the strategic radar in Armavir - the cup of patience is overflowing. Should Russia respond and, most importantly, how: experts express their opinions.

Kyiv embarked on an unprecedented escalation. A drone struck a missile attack warning station in Armavir, Voronezh region. Ukrainians happily shared the video of the drone approaching and hitting the object on the Internet. The Russian Ministry of Defense does not comment and does not in any way confirm the fact of an attack on the country’s nuclear shield facility.

Was there an attack? What are the consequences for one of the most powerful Russian radars, capable of seeing incoming intercontinental missiles while still in space? What to do now and how to respond?

Reaction of Russian politicians and experts

Senator from Zaporozhye, former head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin was one of the first to comment on the situation. He knows firsthand about Russia's strategic nuclear forces. Rogozin explained what happened. The United States has been trying to achieve superiority over Russian nuclear forces since the advent of such weapons in the USSR - nuclear bombs and their delivery vehicles. But attacks on a critical defense system are something the United States has never dared to do in almost the last 80 years. Only on paper and only during exercises on their territory.

“Now Washington has commissioned a crime by hiring an irresponsible bandit who is trying to damage the facility of our Missile Attack Warning System (MAWS) - a key element of the Combat Command System for Strategic Nuclear Forces,” - the senator notes.

Rogozin stipulates that the attack on the station in Armavir may also be a fake by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, what kind of fake can we talk about if there are visible traces of external influence?! But “if this is so” and the strike was carried out, there was an escalation of the nuclear conflict that the world has never seen. And it was carried out by the Kyiv regime on orders from Washington. Rogozin is confident that given the involvement of the United States in the conflict and its control of all actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this attack was carried out on orders from overseas. And the States will have to answer for this.

“Washington will have to answer fully for the past and future crimes of the distraught Ukrainian leadership... Thus, we stand not only on the threshold, but already on the edge, beyond which, if the enemy is not stopped in such actions, an irreversible collapse of the strategic security of nuclear weapons will begin powers", - Dmitry Rogozin summarizes.

Elena Panina, director of the Institute of International Political and Economic Strategies (RUSSTRAT), completely agrees with Rogozin.

“To hit US military assets? It’s easier than it seems. The strike of Ukrainian drones on the early warning station in Armavir is a very serious incident. Because it is with the attempt to “blind” our anti-missile “eyes” that the West’s nuclear strike on Russia should begin. That is why the encroachment the infrastructure of our nuclear shield is directly indicated in our “nuclear doctrine” as a reason for retaliation against the enemy by the Strategic Missile Forces,” - said Panina.

Panina, like Rogozin, has no doubt about the full involvement of the United States in this outrageous incident: they “signed for it themselves.”

“US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs James O’Brien said yesterday that China is an “actor” of the Northeast Military District because it allegedly supports Russia. By this logic, the United States is also a direct participant in the conflict,” - the expert explains his position.

Panina is trying to understand why Kyiv agreed to this. And he concludes that Kyiv did not need such a blow. It's like taking a step into an abyss.

“Moreover, Ukraine itself does not have strategic nuclear forces. A strike on the facility in Armavir does not give it any benefit other than reputational benefit. The only beneficiary of this strike is Washington,” - says Elena Panina.

However, what will be the response to violating these “red lines”? The West is actively ignoring the measures established by Russia, apparently realizing that Kyiv’s hands can hit a wide variety of strategic targets

Russian military reaction

Military expert Viktor Litovkin, in turn, expresses his opinion on the situation. He believes that Ukraine and hardly the United States are behind this single drone strike. He is also confident that the nuclear defense was not damaged as a result of the drone hitting the station.

“This is a missile attack warning station. In our country, such stations are overlapped by other similar stations. It operates in this way: when an enemy missile takes off and flies towards Russia, this station determines where it will fly, its trajectory, and, well, the point of impact. Such We probably have 12 stations along the country’s borders. So, of course, damage at one of the stations is bad, but it’s not critical.”, - Litovkin is sure.

However, it is important to understand that several stations are already in the attack zone of Ukrainian drones, and this is a very serious risk.

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