Klemm Kl 35. A photo. Characteristics
Klemm Kl 35. A photo. Characteristics

Klemm Kl 35. A photo. Characteristics


A type: single-engine training aircraft

Crew: Two pilots are arranged one behind the other

In 1926 the company was founded, "Clem Leychtflyugtsoygbau Gmbh» (Klemm Leichtflugzeugbau GmbH). Her first plane was a monoplane trainer aircraft and tourist K1 25, released shortly after the establishment of the company. Over the next decade, this successful machine was built in 600 number of copies, inspiring the company to continue production of its successor in the middle of 1930-ies. After receiving the baptismal name K1 35, the first prototype of the new machine made its first flight in 1935 year.

It was also a two-seater wooden structure with the location of crew members one by one, although this time it was established wing of the "inverted gull" and inline engine. The first production version was Kl 35V plane, which was built on a 1935 1938 year, it became the basis for the creation of the float modifications, designated Kl 35BW. The main modification to use the Luftwaffe was Kl 35D, where the chassis fairings wheels replaced by reinforced construction designed for installation both wheels and floats and skis.

The aircraft remained in service as a training initial training in numerous flight schools Luftwaffe until the end of the Second World War, and also used the Swedish Air Force, Hungary, Romania and Czechoslovakia. Several civilian aircraft K1 35 still fly regularly in Europe.

Klemm Kl 35. A photo. Characteristics

Basic data


  • Length: 7,5 m
  • Wingspan: 10,40 m
  • Height: 2,05 m

The weight:

  • BLANK: 460 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 750 kg

Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 212 km / h
  • Range: 665 km
  • The power plant, "Hirt» (Hirth) Hm 60R
  • Power: 80 l. from. (60 kW)

Date of first flight: 1935 year

The surviving airworthy modifications: Kl 35D

On right: This aircraft Kl 35D Swiss registration.