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The collision of images, the pilot of the aircraft. The scientific approach.

The collision of images from the aircraft pilot.

Scientific approach.


Competing images. In the implementation of activities with the system may be events that lead to the fact that the system really is not in the condition in which it must be submitted by the operator. For example, the pilot, being busy disconnecting the failed engine, did not notice that the plane appeared roll, and believes that the aircraft is in a horizontal position.


When the pilot noted that the arrow indicators are not where they should be, and tries to understand the meaning of this information, it can co-exist for some time the two images - the normative, ie, one that corresponds to what should be, and hypothetical, ie, one that corresponds to the information picture.


The presence of two actually existing images and work with them simultaneously lead to a disruption in the process of reading the image, to the emergence of a multidirectional nature of this process, which is expressed in the appearance of an integral state of internal disorder (confusion, duality) or a state of internal breaking, breaking. There was a case when he ceased to clearly understand what was happening. The state resembles the state of a wanderer, a player, lost in the labyrinth. Thoughts are ahead of each other, nervousness arises. Usually I try in such cases to switch my thinking to, perhaps, insignificant elements of flight, but always performed well before ”(pilot). At night, in conditions of thick haze, when returning from the training ground to the airfield, there was a feeling of a left bank. I looked at the flight controller - it shows level flight. There is doubt about the correct operation of this device. The earth is not visible. The stars are reflected in the haze, they are everywhere: bottom, right, left. Forcing myself to believe the instruments. It feels like my head is splitting with tension. The navigator had a similar feeling (learned about it on the ground). After the visual detection of the strip, everything fell into place. The false sensation of left bank is gone ”(pilot).


Change virtual states. In the process of performing the same activity, different virtual states may arise. '' The radar picture was missing. The first thought: what to do? Impression of impotence. Within one or two minutes, one can say, panic. It took me two minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. After that, there was a sixth sense. I knew that the device could not be restored, but it was very difficult to accurately pull the plane out. Then the burst of energy, the fullest clarification: you calculate the consequences of failure. Mentally there was an image of the map, in particular, the place of the aircraft relative to the earth's surface. All experiences disappear. It seems, at this moment I could do everything, as they say, the mountains turn off "(pilot R.).


Knowing the properties of virtual states need to be able to deal with them, to understand that the state has arisen is generated not by any external circumstances and the work itself and the human psyche with this condition must be addressed with the help of special techniques of self-regulation. Obviously, the improper behavior of the pilot while in the virtual state can lead to a variety of errors.


It may give the impression that negative are only ingratualnye state. This is not true. It depends on the intensity of a virtual state. A small degree of intensity ingratualnogo state dolzhka perceived as a signal of the beginning of the pilot imbalance of mental processes, flight image. In such cases, you should advise pilots shake, focus, relax, switch, if there is time, other actions - each struggling in their own way.


A small degree of intensity gratualnogo status is an indicator of the high efficiency of the flow of psychic processes. This condition is called a sense in aviation aircraft. By the way, in sports locked state, similar to the feeling of an airplane when the arrow is said to merge with a gun, swimmers - about the feeling of the water, the players - the feeling of the ball, etc.


Extreme ingratualnogo status is an indicator of the collapse of the activity: "Big changes in height when flying at low altitude, and quite impossible to establish horizontal flight. Centre stick clamped so that whitened

fingers, not enough attention to look at speed, Sweat trickling out. Inside there is a horror. All this translates into an energetic departure from the earth, calm down and enters the normal state "(Pilot NG).


The intensive ingra- tual state is dangerous in that it is characterized by the appearance of a feeling of impotence, difficulty, and even impossibility of accomplishing the task. In this regard, the main psychological task is to overcome this feeling. There are two ways to do this. The first is, if possible, to get out of the difficult situation, stop doing the activity, calm down, come back to yourself and go back to the task. The second - by effort of will to force itself to do that is necessary. As one of the pilots advises: "The main thing is not to let the situation develop. It is necessary to pull yourself together by a strong impulse. And remember that your ground preparation, your flying experience will help you "(pilot Sh.).


The extreme degree of a grave state is dangerous because the pilot has a feeling of an excess of power, which leads either to distraction of attention from the task, or to the performance of unplanned, unauthorized actions. A similar feeling arose after a long training flight of duplicating instruments with an imitation of the failure of the main flight-navigation instruments. After the instructor of the main flight-navigation instruments switched on the impression of an amazing simplicity in determining the position of the aircraft and its piloting. '' Liberated '' attention was devoted in these cases to things far from flight, for example, dreams of an impending vacation "(pilot V.)


Intensive gratualnoe state very tricky thing, because it carries a pilot, it all seems easy and affordable. Therefore, the main thing here - to recognize their state, to determine the strength of feeling of lightness and power is excessive, inadequate, and an effort of will to return to the job execution. The most sensible advice given by one of the pilots: The situation is too easily leads to relaxation, which is fraught with great trouble. Therefore, I believe the experiences and feelings of the statement should be left to the post-flight time.


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