The commander of long-range aviation
The commander of long-range aviation

The commander of long-range aviation



Long-Range Aviation Command (YES), the union of a part of the Russian Air Force, formed on the basis of 37-th Air Army, which was part of the strategic offensive forces (so-called "nuclear triad"). In 2009 37-year Air Force, in the course of reform, it was transformed into a command YES.

In the same year was appointed as the new commander of long-range aviation in Russia, which, as expected, was Anatoly Zhiharev. 21 September 2009 the solemn ceremony of the personal standard and the new commander formally took office, although the performance of his duties since August.

At the post Anatoly Zhiharev replaced long-range aviation commander Pavel Androsov, who at the time had turned 55 years. This age limit is considered to be life to Major General. The new appointment was quite logical. Anatoly Zhiharev was previously the first deputy commander of the DA and led headquartered long-range aircraft.

The officers, who know the commander of long-range aviation of the Russian Federation personally, supported the appointment. This is - a professional in their field, a real military pilot, a strategist and a very responsible person. At the time, he commanded Zhiharev heavy bomber air division at the world famous Engels airbase. It is here that there are Russian "Bears" and "white swans" - strategic missile carriers Tu-95 MS and Tu-160. Hence they do their patrol flights to all corners of the globe.

Even the commander of the ship Zhiharev not flown as aviators say, "around the corner" - ie, made transatlantic flights. In 2003 year, with the rank of division commander, Zhiharev piloting Tu-160, in which the Far East followed Defense Minister Sergey Ivanov. In the record of the current commander of YES including the famous flight of Russian strategic aircraft to Venezuela (while Zhiharev was a head long-range aircraft).

During his career military pilot Zhiharev had osvot eight types of aircraft, each of which was raised to the sky. On his account 3 thousand hours of flight: this figure can impress any driver. Zhikhareva Authority - is indisputable.