Embraer and Saab
Company Embraer and Saab signed a joint memorandum on cooperation

Company Embraer and Saab signed a memorandum on cooperation in the implementation of the project F-X2, as the most promising and affordable option for the next generation of fighter air forces of Brazil. In accordance with the signed agreement, Embraer will perform a leading role in the project, with the implementation of the necessary amount of work for the production and supply of single and double versions of the aircraft for the Brazilian Air Force.

Embraer will coordinate the development of industrial activity units in Brazil on behalf of Saab in addition to its own extensive program for the implementation of work on the design, production, flight test, final assembly and aircraft delivery to the customer.

In addition, Embraer and Saab will be held jointly and severally liable for the full development of the two-seater version Gripen NG, while at the same time to carry out a strategic partnership for the future promotion and marketing of the two options developed fighter.

Company Embraer and Saab have a long tradition of working together on various projects in the field of aviation, thus ensuring high quality and acceptable decisions on many issues of production for the main customer the Brazilian Air Force. This agreement will strengthen the relationship between the companies in the defense industry in Brazil and Sweden.

In addition to re-program the Brazilian Air Force, F-X2 project should stimulate the development of the defense industry. This partnership between the two companies will be important for Brazil because, in addition to participating in the project will be able to support the Navy of the country through the introduction of new types of weapons. Company Embraer, as a manufacturer of high-tech products- commercial aircraft and Saab, with technology and experience in the development of fighter aircraft, reciprocity complement each other.

Gripen GN- is a multirole fighter is being developed based on the proven platform Gripen C / D, which is designed to adapt to all the changing threats and operational requirements for today's Air Force.


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