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The Boeing Company will upgrade the bomber B-52

The Boeing Company will upgrade the bomber B-52


The Boeing Company has prepared and is implementing the project of modernization of the first prototype of the bomber B-52. The ongoing modernization will significantly expand the combat capabilities of the aircraft.

The amendments significantly expand the capabilities of weapons and placing the suspension of military reserve (bombs and missiles). Improved possibility of installing ammunition in the weapons bay, improved GPS-guidance system. Before upgrading main battle kit was placed on hangers under the wings of the plane, and now decided to move the arms in cargo bays located inside the fuselage.

B-52 scheme

This upgrade will increase the ammunition and create conditions for maneuvering the aircraft in air combat conditions. Bomber B-52 significantly increases their combat power, increased ammunition on 8 cruise missiles.

The ability to fly without visible weapons on the wings gives a tactical advantage and significantly reduces fuel consumption by reducing the resistance to air flow.

According to experts, flight mode "clean wing" helps reduce fuel consumption by 15%. The designers and engineers of Boeing created three prototypes, the first of which is undergoing flight tests. Close cooperation between Boeing and the Air Force




US allows to test three prototypes in the shortest possible time. The flights are carried out on the basis of the Air Force, "Edwards", California.

Expanding the installation of new ammunition increases the combat power of the bomber to 50%.

Boeing Defense's Space & Security Lead Division is one of the largest defense, space and security arms manufacturers headquartered in St. Louis. Based on the results of the 2013-2014 financial year, the company's turnover amounted to $ 33 billion, the company employs 56000 employees in various countries of the world.


Boeing B-52 Stratofortress - the long-range strategic bomber is. The plane was designed and created by designers and engineers at Boeing 1950-60-e years. The aircraft was put into production in February 1955 years. All were released 744 aircraft of various modifications. Ammunition consisting of bombs and missiles with a total weight 32 tons. Boeing has constantly upgrade components, assemblies and systems of the aircraft, increasing the weapons range and detection of the enemy. Boeing has produced various modifications of the bomber B-52:

  • B-52 B, worth 14.43 million. Dollars (1962 g);

  • B-52 H -28 million. Dollars (19662 g);

  • B-52 H- 53 million. Dollars (19998 g).


Airplane B-52 is in service with the US Army over 60 years after modernization in 2013 2015 years and is expected to extend the life of 2040, when fully developed will lifespan.

Recent modifications of the aircraft B-52 Gs and B-52 Hs able to carry on the external sling to 12 missiles with nuclear warheads, and the modification of B-52 Hs have been upgraded to increase the total ammunition to 20 missiles with nuclear warheads. The modernization of installed new suspension system for weapons guided bombs and AGM-154 missiles AGM-158.


Under the program, CEM were installed new radios, integrated with global positioning systems in the navigation system of the aircraft.

With 2016 year begins modernization of rotary launchers to transport bombs targeting.


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B-52 H -28 million. Dollars (19662 g);
B-52 H- 53 million. Dollars (19998 g).
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