The company develops Sagem Patroller unmanned air system

The company develops Sagem Patroller unmanned air system


French company Sagen only just been tested and successfully integrated new generation sensors optronics multi suite, installed on unmanned aircraft systems Patroller.

In the process of testing equipment, held in France in the period from April to June 2014 years 30 flights had been committed, in order to verify the functionality and performance of the new sensors optronics suite included in the module girostabilizatsionnogo Euroflir 410. The module allows the identification of objects, activate day and night to control the installed equipment. Also, the module Euroflir 410 installed an infrared camera with high resolution, which allows you to take pictures of objects at great distances and high definition.

On Patroller UAS established a new generation of equipment, making it possible to shoot when flying at high speeds and are fully consistent performance high definition sensor aircraft, allowing you to make restitution to the image without changing the quality. For the operation of complex equipment created new software that allows you to operate the automatic tracking of moving targets and to detect the activity of the observed objects.


  • The efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment, according to the set target has been demonstrated in the course of military operations, search and rescue people caught in extreme situations.

  • ALS Patroller was created jointly by the companies, the French Sagem and German Stemme.

  • The main purpose of the aircraft apparata- this observation and exploration in various tactical operations.

  • For the first time ALS Patroller was presented at the air show in Paris 2009 year and flight tests were begun in June 10 2009 years.


BAS was designed using the S-15 airframe, designed and assembled by the German airline Stemme and officially certified for flights by the Aviation Safety Agency. The main materials used to make the glider are carbon fiber and composite materials. The power plant consists of a four-cylinder engine ROTAX 914F turbocharged with a total capacity of 115 l. from. The maximum climb ceiling for BAS is 20000 feet. The aircraft is capable of developing the highest flight speed equal to 130 km / h. The largest take-off weight is equal to 1000 kg, including 250 kg leaves a useful load. The flight time in the flight stage reaches 20 hours. The device is controlled from a ground station by operators. The range of ALS is equal to 200 km, but with the use of satellite equipment is increased to 2000 kilometers.

Multi-sensors of the new intelligence system installed on ALS, intended primarily for military use or performance of the operations connected with the terrorist threat. The functionality of the algorithm is based on the combat experience of the operations in Afghanistan.

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