The computerized era in civil aviation. Negative and prospects
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The computerized era in civil aviation. Negative and prospects

The computerized era in civil aviation. Negative and prospects.


The gradual transition from paper tickets to electronic boarding passes, said that in the coming 5-7 years, a new era of civil aviation, a fully automated and computerized. At first glance, nothing fancy here, because the technology is constantly created and improved, however, important is the transition, and here there is a large number of so-called "gotchas" that are better advance notice.



Of course, the computer is much less likely than the person, but the consequences of this may be the most unpredictable, taking the news of the application error on the iPad, recently published by, leading to the cancellation of dozens of flights of the American company, thereby reducing the carrier's rating and delivering A lot of trouble for passengers. It would seem a small mistake, but it has global consequences, and it is very easy to imagine what will happen in the future if such a system automatically abolishes hundreds of flights, accidentally or due to human interference, or lead to dozens of air crashes.



Thus, it is important first of all to work out all the existing software, minimize or completely eliminate the chance of an unexpected error or failure. To achieve all this will be extremely difficult, so it is best to create a duplicate system that will work in parallel, and in the case of de-synchronization of their work, to take a decision has to be exactly the person most able to respond adequately to any arisen situation.



Of course, you can look for the negative in almost any decision or innovation, however, automation of civil aircraft can carry and the indisputable advantages. It should first include quick and easy processing of any instructions or information data that is already characterized by noticeable even with the narrow applicability of the computerization system at the moment.

Among other things, the use of computer automated systems is a far cheaper way to organize the work in any airline or airport, but again, based on the condition that the operation of the system will be set up as a single infallible mechanism.



If you deal with the computerization of aircraft systems still relatively simple, it is much harder to deal with cyber security, because anyone, even malomalski interference by hackers or viruses can cause irreparable problems, until the chaos at airports, aircraft crashes, etc.

Currently, the development in this regard is actively underway, but it is important to note that all of the computer automation must pass dozens if not hundreds of tests, and then they can begin to try out in real life, while most of these then the system must be carefully developed and modernized.


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