Competition. Expansion. State the problem. Aeroflot.
Competition. Expansion. State the problem. Aeroflot.

Competition. Expansion. State the problem. Aeroflot.


- "Aeroflot" - the main airline in Russia. You fly in 51 the world and more than 100 directions. Will you expand the network? What are the new city and the country you are going to cover?


All of Europe has izezzhena. Therefore, there is something to look for is useless. The main markets are America and Asia. So far, Africa and Latin America's hard for us. There remains a lot of questions. But Southeast Asia and the United States - these are the markets where we want to position ourselves. For example, we recently opened new flights to Miami. We have no other way if we want to be a global carrier. If tomorrow they tell us that this should not be, and should be a good regional company - well, this is also an option. Vaughn "Lufthansa"I bought"Swiss Air»And« Austrian Airlines ». Maybe we buy.


- You are talking about the state, as the main shareholder?


- Yes, of course.


- So you want to say that the state has no clear understanding of whether you will be a global carrier?


You know, the state as a major shareholder, has approved our development strategy. So, understanding is. But the actions of the state in violation of the rights "Aeroflot"Do not correspond to the chosen strategy. Therefore, the state has questions. I'm not against privatization, on the contrary. But in everything there must be a definite meaning. What is the purpose of privatization? The first is to get money into the treasury. And the second is not to sell and kill the company, but to sell in the right hands with further development. Today, Aeroflot is undervalued. It was announced that in 2016 the company will be privatized. Well, it is necessary to make a prominent "handsome" from "Aeroflot" to 2016 year. And today this is not done. And for me, all this remains a big question, which I really want to get an answer to.


- Well, then explain who is to blame? There is simply no idea of ​​the system should look like Russian aircraft in the near future? Or is it the machinations of competitors? Who needs it?


 There are two options. The first - Aeroflot is a global carrier. Then everyone works for Aeroflot, and it competes with other global carriers. There is a second option. This is a momentary solution to some problems, and we are competing within the country. I'm not against. But we are talking about global carriers. If “Aeroflot” is not allowed to grow, and trying to press it down will fail. In the west, foreign destinations are distributed on a residual basis. That is, at first everything gets a global carrier, and the fact that it can not swallow is given to others.


What stands out "Aeroflot"? This year we paid 2 billion rubles dividends. We gave 100 million for the Sochi Olympics, as the national carrier. That is, the state recognizes us as such. We, as an airline involved in many social projects. We are the only company today that cherishes and nurtures new domestic appliances. This Sukhoi Superjet 100and Tu-204and An-148... The entire Aeroflot group works for the state, helping our industry to create its own competitive aircraft. That is, Aeroflot has government tasks, and I understand that. But if the state does nothing in response, what are we talking about?


We will be able to exist as a global carrier, and as a regional. And there, and there is life. Just need to determine the state. There are interesting examples. Switzerland has decided that they do not need "Swiss Air". And vice versa for the five millionth Finland "Finnair"And it holds a majority stake. This is the position to be taken by the state as a shareholder.


But for everyone to hear and know, Aeroflot is not afraid of competition. It is a fact. We have every chance to win it both in Russia and abroad. We have an excellent management team that adequately perceives the market. We have excellent pilots and flight attendants. We have no chance of losing the competition. 


General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Saveliev Vitaly Gennadievich.

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