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Konsuetalnoe state pilot

Konsuetalnoe state pilot


It should be emphasized that the virtual state is not mandatory feature of the special situation. It can occur in any situation and in particular may not occur, such as the following: In-flight emergency occurred, resulting in one of the rejected devices. Therefore, the approach built carefully and emerged with the failure in automation control once took for granted.


Actions equipment were clear, everyday "(pilot G.).


The virtual state indicates deviations in the functioning of the image and the unusual, extraordinary nature of the course of activity. The state that testifies to the normal, ordinary character of the current of activity and the absence of deviations in this process is called consular. Such a state, unlike the virtual one in consciousness, is not reflected, and if the question arises of the operator's health, he responds that everything is fine. Konsuetalnoe - this is the state in which we are all the time, if not in a virtual state, i.e. If the activity proceeds from our point of view normally, just as it should, in our opinion, proceed.


Consuetal states are not so harmless and insignificant for activities, as it may seem at first glance. It is they who, in the self-image, showing the normality of the actualization of the image, while in it there were violations that led to the commission by the operator of erroneous actions, are the culprits of the incidents, since they do not signal violations in the image. Consular states are guilty of committing a man many mistakes. Errors committed in a consuetal state are detected only in terms of their consequences, i.e. When the incident has already occurred. Investigating an error committed in a consuetal state presents great difficulty, because the person who made the mistake naturally does not remember and does not realize it and because these mistakes can occur in the most innocuous circumstances. Hence, there is a tendency to incriminate such a person with negligence and bad faith in the performance of his duties.

There are many different mechanisms of psychological errors committed konsuetalnom condition. Means of struggle against them are determined by the nature of the error and the specific fragment of activities in which it is made.


Virtual konsuetalnye and able to carry out functions in the psyche of the character of the display of activity, and therefore are called indicative.


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