Counteroffensive 2024: Kyiv launched a large-scale offensive using strikes on Russian regions
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Counteroffensive 2024: Kyiv launched a large-scale offensive using strikes on Russian regions

Counteroffensive 2024: Kyiv launched a large-scale offensive using strikes on Russian regions

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) launched an active counter-offensive aimed at controlling the Russian Army North grouping of troops. This was reported by war correspondent Alexander Kots. According to his information, the Ukrainian side received permission to strike border areas using Western precision weapons and immediately began to implement them.

The beginning of the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The permission to strike with high-precision Western weapons systems along the border with Russia became a signal for the start of large-scale attacks. The Ukrainian military carried out missile strikes in two waves: first, high-explosive fragmentation munitions were used, and then cluster munitions. However, according to Kots, the air defense systems of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Air Defense of the RF Armed Forces) successfully repulse all arrivals, ensuring the protection of Russian territories.

Kots noted that the Ukrainian army will combine various means to break through Russian air defense, including Vampire, Vilkha, Tochka-U missiles and drones. Such actions are aimed at overcoming Russian defenses and striking identified targets that have been identified using intelligence provided by NATO.

However, other information resources provide extremely negative arguments, in particular, according to Alex Parker in his Telegram channel, the situation at the moment is very bad.

Analogy with last year's counteroffensive

Military correspondent Alexander Kots recalled that last year’s counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces began in a similar way, but ended in heavy losses for the Ukrainian army. However, the current situation shows that Ukraine continues to use the same tactics in an attempt to penetrate Russian defenses and damage critical installations.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ counteroffensive aims to weaken Russian forces in key sectors of the front and create conditions for subsequent advances. However, Russian troops, possessing powerful air defense systems and effective reconnaissance, are ready to repel these attacks and launch retaliatory strikes.

At the same time, last year Kyiv’s attacks on Russian border regions with Western weapons were not recorded, but now this could become a problem, since there are airfields in the affected area.

Russia's tough reaction to provocations

Russia's response to these provocations must be swift and powerful. A delay could lead to serious consequences for Moscow, as Western countries could continue to increase supplies of long-range weapons that would create new threats to Russian territories. The Pentagon is already ignoring Russia's red lines, and this requires decisive action.

Russia must strengthen its defensive capabilities and be prepared to neutralize any threats. This includes not only strengthening air defenses, but also active measures to destroy enemy missile launchers and drones. Combined strikes against enemy rear targets may not be sufficient, so it is necessary to employ more comprehensive strategies aimed at deterring and neutralizing Ukrainian aggression.

The counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces using Western high-precision weapons and attempts to break through Russian air defense are a serious challenge for Russia.

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