Korean Air is the tenth ship Airbus A380
Korean Air is the tenth ship Airbus A380

Korean Air is the tenth ship Airbus A380


29 July 2014 year Korean Air, The largest airline and national carrier of South Korea, commission tenth liner Airbus A380. The aircraft will undergo preflight tests before its first commercial flight to Atlanta in August 3 2014 years.

Korean Air operates 14 flights a week using A380 liners on the Incheon-Los Angeles and Incheon-New York routes. There are 7 flights every week between Seoul Incheon International Airport and Paris. To enhance its competitiveness on long-haul business routes, Korean Air also operates the A380 on Incheon-Atlanta flights.

Korean Air's Airbus A380 has only 407 seats in three service classes, which provides additional comfort to passengers. Korean Air's Airbus A380 airliners have the smallest number of seats among all airlines operating this type of aircraft. The economy class cabin is equipped with 301 seats, which has extended the distance between them to 34 inches. The ergonomic design of the updated New Economy seats provides unrivaled air travel comfort.

Korean Air became the first airline to select the entire upper deck A380 for a single class of service. The upper deck is A380 Prestige Class (business class), equipped with chairs 94 Prestige Sleeper.

The first class is located in the bow of the lower deck of the aircraft, and includes luxury seats 12 First Class Kosmo Suites. Their design creates an individual space for each passenger and ensures privacy during the flight.

In the rear of the lower deck is a showcase board Duty Free Showcase, where the airline Korean Air offers passengers a wide range of goods, and the crew is always ready to meet any customer need.

In a relaxed atmosphere Celestial Bar passengers can enjoy exclusive cocktails. The bar features six special beverages selected VIP-clients of the company at a special tasting evening.

Other bars are arranged on both decks to the nose. Passengers can enjoy a drink by yourself and spend time in the lounge area.

The first ship was handed A380 airlines Korean Air in June 2011 years. Aircraft of this type are operated on long-haul flights Korean Air between Korea, the United States and Europe.


Korean Air is the tenth ship Airbus A380 2


About Korean Air

Airline Korean Air was founded in 1969 year and currently is one of the largest airlines in the world 20. In 2013 year Korean Air passenger traffic exceeded 23 million. Korean Air provides more than 200 flights a day between the cities in 126 45 5 countries on continents. Its fleet of aircraft 155, including 10 liners A380.

Korean Air offers its passengers safety, convenience and comfort. The airline has a modern fleet and a staff numbering more 20 000 professional staff. The quality of Korean and western catering, Korean Air is brought numerous awards and high-class entertainment system on board to meet the most demanding customer.

Korean Air is a founding member of the global airline alliance SkyTeam. SkyTeam brings together airlines and 20 569 million offers its passengers an international network of 15 thousand daily flights covering 1 064 178 destinations in the world.

In 2011 Korean Air has commissioned a double-decked ships A380, at the same time presenting the most spacious cabin among all airlines operating this type of aircraft. Shop A380 airline Korean Air is divided into three classes of service, which is located only 407 seats. On the upper deck there are seats for business class Prestige Sleeper. The aircraft are three bars and lounges, as well as the world's first on-board Showcases duty free.