Corporation "PROMTECH" presented its unique developments to the Ministry of Industry and Trade at the forum "Army 2021"
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Corporation "PROMTECH" presented its unique developments to the Ministry of Industry and Trade at the forum "Army 2021"

On Monday, August 23, within the framework of the ARMY 2021 International Military-Technical Forum, the stand of the PROMTECH Corporation was visited by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation D.V. Manturov.

General Director of the PROMTECH Corporation V.V. Shadrin presented to the Minister samples of products developed and manufactured in Dubna as part of measures for import substitution of components for power supply systems, lighting equipment, hydraulics, fire extinguishing and air conditioning for aviation equipment. In the report of V.V. Shadrin paid serious attention to the unique products of the Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant, which is in charge of the PROMTECH Corporation for the development and production of special sealants and rubber products for the aviation industry, the rocket and space industry and shipbuilding.


Corporation "Industrial Technologies" (PROMTECH) is a full-scale research and production complex with a large volume of production and performing significant amounts of research and development work to create high-tech aviation systems and assemblies.

The article is straight in the spirit of "non-brothers": everything is unique, fantastic, and that's it ... that's it! Guess, they say, yourself.


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