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roll aircraft

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Aircraft roll (from fr. carène - keel, underwater part of the ship or from the English. kren-gen - lay the ship on its side) - rotation of the object (ship, aircraft, foundation, etc.) around its longitudinal axis. Roll is one of the three corners of Euler.

device showing roll ... If we designate the longitudinal axis Y, then it corresponds to the angle α ((or the precession angle). The aircraft roll is carried out by turning the steering wheel left or right (mostly), if you have only the control unit, deflecting it to the right or left, if you have a joystick, similarly. using aileron or any other parts that perform the functions of aileron. In calculations, it is considered to be positive counterclockwise tilt. In practice, the expressions are used: "right bank", "left bank".

An important flight characteristic is the angle of heel at which there is no slip or loss (gain) of height. Calculated by the formula: alfa = arctan (V ^ 2 / g * R), where V is the speed of the aircraft (in m / s), g is the acceleration of gravity (9,81 m / s 2), R is the turning radius (in m).

Turn the airplane upside down - make a turn around the longitudinal axis of the vessel on 180 degrees (capsizing).

Limitation - 67 degrees.

25 - Margin indicator in the flight.

30 - Allowed for when traversing pripyatstvy

In critical situations, pilots are allowed to exceed the maximum angles of heel, pursuing the goal - to preserve the lives of passengers.
There is a limit for each aircraft and is calculated based on the design, strength, aerodynamics and speed. According to the ICAO regulatory documents.
For example, military and acrobatic aircraft the maximum angle of heel is not defined, so for Su-27 Roll can be 90, and in straight flight. Some planes can so quickly change the angle of heel that transhipment will exceed 9g, such cases have been seen, for example, MiG-21.

Therefore, the pilots who flew the MiG-21, there is an expression: "Iron can withstand, but the man ...

The sharp roll of the aircraft

Testing roll in 60 degree

Landing with a roll

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