Criticism of the airline flight attendants and staff
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Criticism airline flight attendants

Criticism of airline cabin crew and other staff


Say, western partners have some regulations on ethics the behavior of employees in social networks?

After picking up a young staff, you understand that it is people, have accounts in all social networks.

Do you carry out conversations with them, how they should behave on the Internet


Criticism of the airline flight attendants and staff


We did not carry out such activities. Although I agree that the issue of timeliness and accuracy. I guess we'll see about that.


We had a situation where a stewardess strongly criticized our airline. When I fired the flight attendant, I had no other option. We did not know how to react to network as people react. By the way, some people defend it, but I decided not to get involved this dispute. However, some Western partners have expressed our appreciation for the decision of our.

In fact, you want to criticize the "Aeroflot" - please, but do it outside the company. By the way, we already get the hand to look for employees who come under different names in the network and begin to carry out pure rubbish and lies about the company. And to the question: "Why do that?" They can not answer anything reasonable. But we are a joint stock company.

If you give misinformation that is manipulating the market, shareholders, including myself, can sue. For it is the criminal and financial liability. In people, this produces the impression of shock. This was no one thinks. So, of course, we need to inculcate a culture of communication to our team.


Criticism of the airline flight attendants and staff


9 May Indonesian plane Sukhoi Superjet 100Who performed the first in its history, a demonstration flight crashed. Unfortunately, 40 people who were on board were killed. You said that the company will still buy planes Sukhoi Superjet. And there were a few important points worth mentioning. First, the news about how the stewardess of "aeroflot"I gloat in connection with this situation. You know about it, and she was immediately dismissed. Do staff airline training on how to behave in the event of various emergencies?


Probably around the train a person is not possible and not necessary. I believe that in this case a woman - is the cost of her education. Gloat, it deprived itself of the chance to be in the "Aeroflot", because none of his colleagues had not been willing to continue working with her. I learned this by accident of «Twitter», and during the day we deal with the situation. I want to pay tribute to her, she realized, and I think, I realized that she cut off his way of working in the "Aeroflot". We parted with her under an employment contract. I believe that this was a significant event for all of us.


General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Saveliev Vitaly Gennadievich.

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