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The crisis staff in the air transport industry

Personnel crisis in the air transport industry.


The fact that the crisis in the country, is now known, perhaps, even to children. The real assessment of the size of the crisis, or not willing to publish, or even ignore. And, it is quite clear that the crisis has affected all sectors of the economy in the country.


First, a few numbers:

According to the report of Rosstat, real disposable income of Russians in January 2016 years 52,2% fell compared with December 2015 years. Real disposable income is all income minus obligatory payments to inflation.


  But against the general background of falling wages (more precisely, purchasing power), the situation in the Russian air transport industry looks particularly acute.

  The situation in aviation, of course, aggravated the conflict in the Middle East, tensions with Turkey, Western sanctions against Russia. AK Transaero, its withdrawal from the market, and as a result, a large number of qualified personnel in the labor market, also contributed to the deterioration of the situation. Only as a result of the bankruptcy, Transaero “released” about 11 thousand specialists. According to the Aeroflot management, most of these employees are employed. But the situation with personnel in civil aviation has not improved this much.


As a result of the situation in the industry can be judged from the following figures:

Now 35% of the total unemployed in the industry are flight crew members. And this is the PIC and the right pilots.

The level of wages decreased in almost all industry professionals.


"Aviapersonal" Company released data fielder study:

The administrative board and top managers lost 10-42% of income.

Pilots will miss 15-35%

Engineering and teh.sostav 5-18%


Against the backdrop of deterioration of the situation in the aviation industry is not surprising that of 14,8 thousand pilots licensed commercial pilot, about 1,6-4 thousand (according to various agencies) remain unemployed. President of the union aircrew Miroslav Boychuk said that some people are in 1000 airlines waiting lists. And half of them - pilots "Transaero". (Where is the good "Aeroflot" ?!). JSC "Russian," continues M. Boychuk, will be staffed primarily by pilots "daughters" of "Aeroflot", the pilots as a bankrupt company going to last.

  Due to problems with employment, lower overall income, more and more people are leaving the industry. This is not counting natural cares, such as retirement, health care. In the 2013 year, 512 pilots stopped flying; in the 2014 year, there were already 585 people. And according to the forecasts of the trade union, about 1000 people in flight commanders will quit their job following the results of the 2015 year. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that people with vast experience and experience of flights, FAC, flight training inspectors, and professionals leave.


  The number of aviation specialists vacancies is steadily declining, while the number of unemployed personnel is increasing.


  And as always, in a difficult situation, foreign employers come to the “help”. In China, information was recently made public that the civil aviation industry of this country will need 2030 million pilots (!) By 0,5 year. There, according to various data 300, a person with FAC experience is required, the president of the trade unions continues to inform. Medical selection of candidates in China is much stricter, and therefore only the best, most experienced and well-worn commanders of the Armed Forces are employed there.


  The country is losing the best shots again. European countries are also ready to accept, although much less (only a few dozen pilots are counted), but also the best pilots with a large airborne and Boeing raid.

The drama of the situation also lies in the fact that domestic ATCs and AKs are in no hurry to train pilots in our country, and training abroad has significantly risen in price. Accordingly, the cost of training aviation personnel is growing in our country. All this leads to a reduction in the number of students in specialized specialties, as a result of which we will get another "failure" in specialists. The same one from which we just started to get out.

March-April of this year, will be a landmark for the domestic airlines. If you can not open routes to Egypt, according to forecasts of the trade union, the country is still waiting for a series of bankruptcies in the first twenty carriers. Went bankrupt, according to the forecasts may, 5-6 airlines. So the situation in the labor market of aviation specialists deteriorate further.

Today, in the worst forecasts of "Aviapersonal", the level of wages, 2016 year could drop to the level of Russian pilots 2011 years. And this is a loss for them, about 36% of revenue.

Today, according to unofficial data, about 13 thousand people are out of work in the air transport industry. 

The material is specially prepared for Valery Smirnov.

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