The collapse of the balloon "Zenith".
The collapse of the balloon "Zenith".

wreck balloon "Zenith".


In aviation, as in any other achievements, there are sad moments. People have always tried to climb into the sky. In a series of articles we present several air crashes which have turned humanity into 19 - 21 centuries.

If we compare the crash and years, we can see that the number of accidents is greatly reduced. If we take the figures for the year 2000, the number of deaths in the world of passengers on scheduled flights was 757 people, and on irregular 290 people. In 2001 the situation changed for the better. The number of victims on charter flights decreased to 206. The data provided do not include the victims of terrorist attacks in the US 11.

Nowadays aircrafts crashed for reasons such as mistakes and carelessness of the pilot, any technical malfunctions, failures in air traffic control, terrorism, some randomness.

It happened on April 15 1875 years. Balloon "Zenith" crashed when he was reached at that time a record altitude equal 8000 meters. As a result, killed two aeronaut.


1783 year. Joseph Michel Montgolfier Etienne and Jean (brother) - the owners of the factory for the creation and processing of the paper decided to build a balloon. They built it with the aim of committing human flight into the sky. Before that, many scientists argue about the life in the air, the reality stay on top.

Some of them denied the attainability of heights, they believed that a man should climb to the small height, he immediately will die from lack of air.

Louis XVI was ordered to put the ball in the two prisoners to carry out the experiment.

Many people gathered in anticipation of what is happening, they were expecting something incredible, unnatural. They thought that the two favorites are doomed to destruction. For the result of the flight experienced and fellow inventors.

Departures decided to implement a palace garden in November 21 1783 years. It has been successfully implemented, no one was hurt, and representations of some spectators were destroyed after the successful landing of the prisoners on the ground. After this incident, the Academy of Sciences awarded the prize and the title of brothers corresponding members. The award was designed to further the development of science.

The collapse of the balloon "Zenith".


After some time, gain experience, the brothers decided to make a memorable flight, raising his ship to the maximum possible height.

The tragic flight

Departures take place. All was ready for him. But during the flight balloonists began to notice some problems. About fails, they have not made any notes or record the data in the log. In the hour of the day, they were able to raise the height of the ball on the 5 300 km m. Weather conditions were already being felt. Scorching hot sun, and the air was too sparse. Later in the book, I found the mark, which indicates a pulse pilots, one he was 120 beats / min, and the second - 150. The first part of the ballast they dropped only at the height of 5 500 km m, thereby greatly accelerated the rise of the world.

The collapse of the balloon "Zenith".


At the height of 7 km are already being felt in the clouds of ice particles. We started aeronauts shortness of breath, accelerated breathing, breathing mixture is almost here, but they do not give up. They begin to close his eyes, pale face dramatically, became almost white. And at this moment they decide to dump the second part of the ballast, while rising even higher.

One of the air fighters loses consciousness and opened his eyes and saw that the ship again began to lose altitude at high speed. Tissande - satellite, which regained consciousness he tried to warn his colleagues about the situation occurred, but they were both dead, they quietly lay on the bottom of the basket of the balloon.

The collapse of the balloon "Zenith".



After a while, the ball was knocked to the ground. Tissalde could pull gas, grabbing the rope on the valve.

20 April 1875, the two aeronauts buried. Thousands of people came to say goodbye to the characters.