Plane Crash with the players in Colombia in November 29 2016 years
Plane Crash with the players in Colombia in November 29 2016 years

Plane Crash with the players in Colombia in November 29 2016 years



17:21 01/12/2016 Specialists have completed the identification of all the victims of the crash.

21:54 30/11/2016 The main reason for the collapse of the aircraft called the fuel shortage. Experts involved in the investigation of the incident is believed that at the time of departure, the aircraft was not properly installed.

08:00 30/11/2016 Rescuers found a body at the site of the crash 66 Bereaved.

15:32 29/11/2016 At the crash site of the aircraft obrazheny 35 the dead man's body.

13:45 29/11/2016 One of the victims died in a plane crash. Doctors continue to fight for the life of the remaining survivors.

11:18 29/11/2016 Named the first version proizorshedshey aircraft plane crash with Brazilian players. Among the main ones appear such as technical failure management, and fuel shortage.

9:02 29/11/2016 At the crash site the rescuers managed to find a few survivors - their critical condition, but doctors are making every effort to save lives. Rescue operation is greatly complicated by the unfavorable weather conditions and the dark time of the day.

8:36 29/11/2016 In the suburbs of the city of Rionegro Colombian crashed plane with 81 man on board. At the site of the crash carried out search-rescue operations. We found the first victim.


Chronicle of events in the skies over Colombia



Taking into account the official information provided by the authorities of Brazil and Colombia, during the flight from Bolivia to Colombia, the Avro RJ85 plane crashed in the area of ​​the Colombian city of Rionegro, where the plane with 72 passengers and 9 crew members was heading. The tragic plane crash actually occurred a few minutes before the landing of the passenger plane at its destination, however, the official circumstances of the crash have not yet been announced.


The causes and circumstances of the plane crash near Rionegro

Despite the fact that the authorities of Colombia and Brazil are currently refusing to comment on the crash, some details have become known that allow us to find possible facts related to the tragedy.

Technical fault

Already in the first minutes after the information about the airplane crash with 72 passengers on board was officially confirmed, there were data on a possible technical malfunction of the aircraft, which the commander of the crew reported to the dispatcher of the Rionegro air haven. According to preliminary information, the crew was experiencing serious problems with the management of the aircraft, in particular, it began to manifest itself with a decrease in altitude, in view of which the airport controller Medellin Cordova gave the pilots a priority to land. Officially, this version was not commented on by the authorities, however, it is taken into account as being quite probable in the ongoing investigation.



fuel Shortage

Another version of the plane crash that occurred on November 29, 2016 near the Colombian city of Rionegro is the absence of fuel in the aircraft's fuel tanks. Taking into account the fact that it was documented that the aircraft was refueled, and also taking into account the pre-flight check of the systems, there should have been enough fuel in the aircraft's tanks to successfully complete this flight, which is likely to lead to the fact that during the flight the fuel tanks leaked ... Damage to the fuel tanks could occur either due to mechanical shock, or due to thermal stresses, in particular, during temperature drops, the fuel tanks could crack, which is quite likely, since the pilot did not report the first circumstance to the dispatchers.

The consequences of the crash, dead and injured.



Despite the fact that the plane, on board of which there were 81 people, fell from a sufficiently large height, scattering when hitting the ground into a large number of separate parts, the rescuers working at the crash site were still able to find the survivors - at the moment we are talking about 10 people , some of which are in critical condition. Experts have already found 25 victims of this tragic plane crash, however, taking into account the fact that many survivors were found, rescuers believe that under the rest of the wreckage there may well be people who can still be saved.

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