Crash in the Russian Air Force. Who is to blame and what to do?
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Crash in the Russian Air Force. Who is to blame and what to do?

Crash in the Russian Air Force. Who is to blame and what to do?


Russian military aircraft are considered to be among the best in the world, and let this not apply to all models of aircraft, but nevertheless, the majority of the produced ground-attack planes, fighter jets and bombers issued 20 years ago and more, are still in operation and are considered Rather modern. Nevertheless, literally every month sad news comes that somewhere, in particular, the territory of the Russian Federation has fallen, the military aircraft has either caught fire or crashed during take-off or landing. It would seem that such a thing can happen when dozens of specialists and technicians engage in pre-flight inspection of the aircraft, however, statistics show very clearly that the crash of military aircraft is most often due to emerging technical problems. Why do military aircraft fall?



This question is quite extraordinary, especially because every time it happens for different reasons, but combining all of these factors into a single unit, you can display a more or less clear picture - are to blame technical factors. However, technical problems often lead to loss of life, top-notch Russian pilots and crew of the aircraft engaged immediate preparation for the actual operations of the aircraft (shooting, bombing, the yield on a given point, etc.).

One of the possible reasons for the latest crashes of Russian military aircraft is the deterioration of the existing structure or parts of aircraft, which is most likely given the fact that all these fighters, attack aircraft and bombers have been in operation for many decades. Of course, it is not possible to inspect absolutely the entire structure of a military aircraft for the presence of any defects, since microcracks in the metal cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, in order to minimize the chance of a possible plane crash, maximum attention should be paid to wearing parts - as a rule, this should include the control system, chassis system and power plant.



Given the fact that modern science does not stand still and is constantly evolving, offering new and modern methods of monitoring the technical condition of the aircraft certainly is assumed that the Russian Air Force is to reflect on, to thoroughly modernize the maintenance of military aircraft, with it concerns not only to the "heavenly defenders" who have worked not the first decade, and to all aircraft in particular

To monitor the status of the aircraft landing gear as well as possible will approach the use of ultrasonic flaw detectors, which give a complete picture about the basic units of the system chassis, showing the possible locations of breakage, deformation, etc. This radically simple way that does not require much time and skills certainly will save more than one aircraft, and more than a dozen lives, and in addition, due to such a simple way, you can constantly keep means of the Air Force on full alert.



The above example is more private situation, however, the constant prevention and control - this is certainly one of the most efficient methods for the preservation of military equipment in working order, and, it can relate to absolutely all assembly units, assemblies and components of aircraft.

Thus, careful operation of military courts, including the use of modern means and methods of monitoring the state of military combat aircraft, will reduce the number of incidents occurring to a minimum, which will provide the Russian Air Force fully operational aircraft engaged in the protection of the state borders.


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