CT-112 «Cadets." A photo. Characteristics.
CT-112 «Cadets." A photo. Characteristics.

CT-112 «Cadets." A photo. Characteristics.


CT-112 «Cadet" (the initial name - "Angel") - Ukrainian light multipurpose helicopter, which is developed by KB "Vertical" in 1999-2002. Serial production was planned to organize an aircraft factory "Tussauds" in the village Borodyanka, Kiev region. Is an all-metal riveted construction streamlined (two piston engines ROTAX912ULS).


CT-112 «Cadet" scheme

CT-112 «Cadet" scheme

Helicopter KT112 "Cadet" - a multi-purpose and can be used in the following ways:

  • passenger - for transportation of baggage and three passengers; 

  • sanitary, which provides for transportation of the patient on a stretcher and the accompanying health worker; 

  • training - for the initial preparation of pilots, applying dual control; 

  • Patrol;

  • Agricultural.


KT112 "Cadet" is built on the classic single-rotor scheme with suspension and steering three-bladed two-blade (diameter 1,3m) screws. The helicopter belongs to the category B for AP27.
Mixed fuselage design. The tail boom has a semi-monocoque design. The propeller blades are made of composite materials. The plumage is T-shaped. The helicopter is equipped with a non-retractable skid landing gear and a tail support (wheels can be mounted for transportation on the ground).

The power plant has two piston engine ROTAX912ULS with combined cooling system (forced air and water). When failure of one engine, you can continue on another flight at a speed of 80-100km / h at maximum takeoff weight.

Quadruple cabin has a large glazed area and is equipped with dual controls. Right helm in the ambulance version dismantled.

Equipment installed in the helicopter makes it possible to use the helicopter a day in simple weather conditions. Possible installation of special equipment set, which allows operation at night. Satellite navigation system GPS MAP195 part of the equipment. It can be fitted with additional fuel tank on 75kg.

Cab KT112 "Cadet" in the passenger version is soundproofed, comfortable, soft seats, light interior. The helicopter is equipped with ventilation and heating system. Number of crew members of the helicopter - 1. At take-off weight 925kg highest level speed sostavlyaet 200km / h.
Operator: Ukraine 

Features helicopter KT-112 «Cadet»:


  • The diameter of the rotor: 8,22m

  • Length with rotating propellers: 9,39m

  • Fuselage length: 6,96m

  • Fuselage Width: 1,31m

  • Height with rotating propellers: 2,48m

  • Empty weight: 524kg

  • Normal takeoff weight: 925kg

  • Engine: ROTAX912ULS

  • Power: 2h100l.s.

  • Crew: 1

  • The greatest number of passengers: 3

  • The speed at FL: 160km / h

  • Maximum speed: 200km / h

  • Flight range: 400-800km

  • Ceiling: 4000m

  • Rate of climb: 480-600m / min


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