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Buy plane

Buy plane


Purchase of aircraft - a costly exercise, so first we need to carefully consider all aspects. But such a purchase will provide you with many benefits, including:

  • independent of flight schedules;

  • able to move at high speed between the two points;

  • flight in a comfortable environment;

  • the ability to stay connected during the flight, using the Internet and video calls thanks to modern technology.

Plus, the possession of a private aircraft - a measure of respectability and prestige of the businessman.

The cost of different types of aircraft

If after the test lease there is no doubt that the acquisition of the aircraft - what you need, the next step is to buy a company that specializes in the sale of aircraft. She will be presented with the park of aircraft, which are divided into these categories:

  • Small planes (four to ten passengers). Compact and small planes that do not require significant costs. This aircraft can be stored in a small hangar and land anywhere. They reach speeds of up to 600 800 kilometers per hour and cost of two million dollars.

  • Average aircraft (eight to twelve passengers). They are the best choice for a small group of people. Soundproofing and comfortable cabin allow to fly, comfort which can be compared with the rest in an expensive club. This trip will not distract you from work or socialize. Aircraft of this class are very popular in America and Europe. Soot on any band: for large and small aircraft. Capable of speeds of up to 800 1000 kilometers per hour. Their price of $ 8 million.

  • Large airplanes (ten to nineteen people). They are used for regular transport large numbers of people. It is very comfortable and spacious, respectively, the service is more expensive. Develop speed within 800-900 kilometers per hour, cost about $ 18 million.

  • Long-haul aircraft are air assets, which are different from large to those used on long-distance flights - from ten thousand kilometers. Otherwise, they are not much different, but the cost of $ 25 million.

  • Cargo planes used for the transport of goods over long distances. They are not used to carry passengers. Speed ​​limits 800 km per hour can be transported from the 10 40 to tons. Cost - of 25 90 million to $.

The cost of the aircraft directly depends b / y plane or is new. To save money, the perfect solution would be to buy a second-hand aircraft, the cost will be radically different, and apparently it will be imperceptible.

Buy plane

The average expenditure for the crew up 700 thousand. $ Per year for maintenance - depending on the situation.

Features of purchase of aircraft

The aircraft is not purchased for free, the whole amount can not be given at once, as the order of a charter or rent of an aircraft is carried out. To start, you need to place a certain deposit on the account of the company that acts as the guarantor of the transaction. As a rule, this amount is 500 thousand $. At the time of signing the contract, you need to have approximately 35 percent of the amount on hand, the rest is paid gradually by the buyer. For this, you can take a loan abroad. However, note that Western banks may not like that the vehicle will be registered in the register of the Russian Federation. This situation is directly related to the "holes" that are present in Russian legislation. They scare away the western banks. That is, only domestic banks can credit a deal to purchase an aircraft that will be contributed to the Russian registry.

Rent or purchase of aircraft - which is better?

It is worth noting that the purchase would be more favorable only in those cases when the aircraft is used too often: at least three hundred hours a year. Otherwise, the lease of the aircraft will be more profitable, even taking into account maintenance costs and crew wages. In his aircraft owner will be able to decide on their own how to convert the interior: put there a pool table and a TV. With color and painting the aircraft can be determined at the stage of order.



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