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Samara Kurumoch International Airport is located at a distance in kilometers to the north of Samara 35 and 45 kilometers east of Togliatti, in the village called Birch. He is one of the ten largest airports in Russia. Formerly "Samara" base for the Russian airline, which went bankrupt 2009 year.

The airport was built at the end of the 50's. The reason was the need to operate high-speed aircraft, for which large runways were required. The official date is considered to be 19 of December 57 of the year, when an order was issued by the GU GUF of the USSR to organize a class IV airport in the Volga Territory. 

By 60-th year, the airport was built. Since February, the squadron of the Sun An-61 has been based in "Kurumoch" 10. The first cargo flight Kuibyshev - Moscow was made. Regular transportation of passengers began 15 May. Soon to open regular flights to Tashkent, Leningrad, Tbilisi, Sverdlovsk and Adler. A year later, Volga TU CAF organized a 173-th United Air aircraft AN-10, Lee and Il-2-14.

At the end of July 1963 year according to the order of the Volga TU GVF squadron converted to the Ku of (Kuibyshev United Air). Also this year, began to exploit the Tu-124 and An-12. In 70-year airport sent more than 700000 27000 passengers and tons of cargo and mail.

In 70-x came into use Yak-40, Tu and Tu-154-134. In November 74-year in Kuibyshev arrived the first Tu-154. In August, 75-year opened flights to Moscow.

Between 86-88-th of the year was carried out reconstruction of the airport, it was carried out construction of new accessory buildings. GDP second in the finished building 1986 year, which allowed to take aircraft such as IL-86. At the end of 80-ies "Kurumoch" based 368-173-th and the first flight units. In 1990, passenger traffic reached a figure of 3,7 million.

In 1992 was given the status of international airport. A year later, we built and put into operation the international terminal. In 93-year United Air transformed into an open joint stock company "Samara Airlines." In 94-year created the JSC "International Airport Samara".

By year 2000 air passengers greatly decreased and reached 805000 people. Then began a slight increase. In 2002, the airport returned to the name "Kurumoch." A year later opened on the territory of modern business terminal. With 2007 year began the reconstruction of the airfield and finished it only 2014. In 2010 year passenger traffic in recent years it has reached a point 20 1,5 million. It was assumed that the beginning of the year 2020 airport capacity will reach 2000 people per hour.

In August 2010 the decree of Russian President 50,99% stake in the airport "Kurumoch" to transfer the ownership of Samara region, which in turn transferred the shares of JSC "Development Corporation of the field." More 40,16% of the shares repurchased from private investors.

In January 2012, OJSC Koltsovo-Invest and the Region Development Corporation signed an agreement on the implementation of the project of the new terminal complex, modernization and reconstruction of communications and engineering systems of the airport. To implement the project, investors created ZAO Kuromoch-Invest, which bought 2012% in 71 in May. According to the 2012 year, the total cost of all construction activities amounted to 21 billion rubles. 

At the end of 2014, the FAVT was allowed to introduce new passenger and cargo terminals. December 28 in the test mode, served the first flight on arrival. Since the beginning of 2015, virtually all domestic flights have begun to serve in the new terminal. From April - international flights. The old terminal mothballed until the 2018 year. In January, we entered the building of the new terminal. In April, the old terminal was closed.


Aerodrome Class B is suitable for most aircraft. It has 50 parking for aircraft. There are two runways, equipped with new landing systems.
Passenger complex is represented by the new terminal (42600 m2) with a capacity of 1400 passengers / hour. The terminal is equipped with check-in desks 24, 7 air bridges, 4-baggage carousel conveyors, baggage sorting and avtosistemoy 6 exits to the apron buses. Also JSC "Kurumoch" controls heliport, renovated in 2007 year.




On the territory of Kurumoch International Airport has three terminal complex:

  1. The terminal serves international flights.

  2. The terminal serves domestic flights.

  3. Terminal building.

There is also a special business terminal for maintenance of VIP-clients.


Near the international airport of Samara is situated a few hotels where you can stay overnight.


The most popular are:

  • - My Hotel;

  • - Hotel "falcon mountain";

  • - Gostiny Dvor Electroshield;

  • - Hotel Ozerki.



From Kurumoch International Airport to Samara can be reached in the following ways:

  • 1) coaches.

This type of transfer allows access to the two main cities in the region - Samara and Togliatti. Prior to the regional capital bus goes 1 15 hours, minutes (ticket price - 58 rubles), while the second city - 1 30 hours, minutes (ticket price - 93 rubles).

  • 2) City bus and minibus.

Between settlements Birch and various areas of Samara laid several bus routes. They go from early morning until late at night. Range of motion is very small, so the problems with this type of transfer will not be.

  • 3) Taxi.

Order car can be a special counter taksomotoronogo official carrier, which is located in the terminal, serving domestic flights. The cost of travel, depending on the destination, may vary 600-1500 rubles.


The international airport in Samara has its own football club, which is called "Flight." Football Team (formerly known as "liner") was founded in 1970 years.

Old terminal

Samara Kurumoch Airport 2

Samara Kurumoch Airport VIP

Samara Kurumoch Airport VIP inside photo


The international airport Kurumoch you the following services can be provided:

  1. A large number of shops (including duty free trading on the system).

  2. Representative of various Russian airlines.

  3. Free access to Wi-Fi network.

  4. Services bank, currency exchange.

  5. Pharmacy.

  6. Business Lounge and much more.




Basic data:

  • The main international airport of the Volga region.

  • Airport coordinates: latitude 53.5, longitude 50.16.

  • GMT time zone (winter / summer): + 4 / + 4.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Location: 35 kilometers north of the city of Samara.

  • Number of airport terminals: 1.

  • IATA airport code: KUF.

  • ICAO airport code: UWWW.

  • Internal code: SKCH.


1. On March 8, 1965, the Tu-124V aircraft, which belonged to the Privolzhsky UGA, crashed at the airport. The plane was flying Kuibyshev - Rostov-on-Don. After taking off from the runway during climb due to heavy snow, the pilots lost their orientation and the plane began to fall. Striking the ground, boxes from the fuselage flew out and killed the pilots. First he collided with the left plane, and then with the bow. There was no fire, but the plane collapsed completely. All 30 people on board were killed.

2. On October 20, 86, a Tu-134A crashed while landing in Kurumoch on the Sverdlovsk-Grozny flight. Due to the high pitch and increased speed, the landing gear broke from impact on the runway, and the plane lay on its belly. From the impact, the fuselage broke in two, a fire broke out. 69 people died, 24 survived. The crash was due to gross violations committed by the aircraft commander.

3. On March 17, 2007 the Tu-134AK plane crashed while landing. The aircraft followed the flight Surgut - Belgorod. Not reaching 400 m to the runway, the plane hit the ground, drove about 500 m, rolled over the wing console and collapsed. 27 people survived, 6 died.

4. On July 9, 1973, the T-124B aircraft began to descend after takeoff while climbing. The reason was the sudden destruction of the right engine, whose debris pierced the fuselage. 4 people were injured, 2 were killed. 

Samara Kurumoch Airport on the map:


Contact details:

  • Email the airport: [email protected].

  • Airport Fax: +78469965166.

  • Airport management phone: +78469965375.

  • Airport information phone: +78469965516.

  • The mailing address of the airport: Airport, Samara, Russia, 443901.


Samara Kurumoch Airport official site:  http://airport.samara.ru/ru/

Kurumoch International Airport, official website

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