Square plane, why not do
Square plane, why not do

Square plane, why not do

Probably many airplane lovers were wondering why planes have this form, but it is inadmissible for a square one. The point is not in external beauty, but primarily in aerodynamics and the properties of such a machine in the air. Modern technologies in aircraft construction, of course, can allow to create a flying device with a square shape that can make a detachment from the ground. This requires a very powerful engine to defeat the resistance of the air during acceleration. But even the power can not provide a normal flight, most likely, a plane with a square shape will be extremely unstable even during the take-off. Due to the lack of streamlining the device will be knocked over at the first detachment.

The first attempts to create a square of the aircraft from the late 19 century, when the officer and designer AF Mozhajskij engaged in designing aircraft structure with a square form. It was one of the world's first flying machines that had to lift a person into the air. Designers managed to produce separation from the ground, but soon the machine crashed to the ground. The failure of the flight is due to the imperfection of the design and aerodynamic configuration of the car. Despite the efforts and improvements of the square plane, significant progress has not been achieved.

All this can say that a square plane is a very unsuccessful version of the structure of the aircraft. The construction of a square airplane was not carried out by anyone in the world, since this form interferes with normal control and flight. It should be noted that even the details of airplanes with a square shape can lead to failure. A striking example of this can serve as an airplane "Comet 1", in which designers have installed square portholes, they served a number of aircraft crashes. For a set of square shape, they were unreliable when flying at high altitude and high speed. As is known, this jet aircraft was decommissioned due to a number of wrecks.

The world was made many more airplanes with non-standard form, which were not very successful. For example, the aircraft "Farman-F" .1020, which had the shape of a pancake, not crowned with great recognition. Such developments were engaged and American designers when creating apparatus "Fasetmobil", he had an almost square shape, but has not been made.

By virtue of the above we can infer that the plane square shape can be done, but the success of this project will not be crowned as such a scheme is extremely unfortunate for the aerodynamics of flight.

All this is nonsense !!!!!!!! The airplane which is on top of the text on the photo is SC.7 Skyvan (Fuselage of square section) and it differs very good characteristics. So for example, he takes off very quickly, thanks to his bottom, which works like a wing. So in flight, he is very stable. There are two more samples (descendants of SC.7 Skyvan) - it's Short 330 and Short 360, which have a fuselage of almost square cross-section. Just planes with a fuselage of a square section can not develop a high speed and make such planes much more difficult and more expensive than with a fuselage of round or oval cross section. And if about the non-standard form, then take for example Airbus Beluga, Boeing 747 Dreamlifter or even more Aero Spacelines Super Guppy!