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L-39 against militants LIH

L-39 against militants LIH


I think that all is well known training aircraft L-39 Albatros. The aircraft was released for the replacement of obsolete machine L-29, as the primary training aircraft for the Warsaw Pact countries. Double car proved to be very successful and a commercially available before the end of 20 century. 2868 «Albatrosses were issued since the start of it in the series.

The plane about 10 modifications, it is armed with 30 the world. In several countries, the plane is selected as the main national aerobatic teams.

Battle option

In 1973-1976's version was developed light attack aircraft L-39ZO. The car remained double. Under the wings equipped with four node suspension arms. Further modification index ZA ventral gun was equipped with Soviet-made GSH-23. The aircraft was strengthened fuselage, wings and landing gear.

It is these modifications have been purchased for the Syrian Air Force. With 1980 1987 of Czechoslovakia delivered to Syria 50 aircraft version ZO and 44 version ZA. As of 2012 years in the Air Force Syria remained 40 all aircraft of this type.

But according to experts these planes can be a big headache for militants of all stripes. The plane is not for nothing called "counterinsurgency". A number of Latin American countries bought it precisely to fight with all sorts of insurgents, guerrillas, and other anti-government military units. Including against the drug cartels.

The aircraft is very convenient for fighting against small, mobile connections. Can carry bombs up to 250 kg, blocks NURS (two units UB-16-57), and of course 23mm gun. The aircraft is unpretentious, cheap to operate, easy to maintain. "Elka" has a good overview. The crew of two people is also very convenient for such actions. The co-pilot could more carefully search for targets without distracting himself by piloting. He could also inspect the back hemisphere in order to avoid attacks of ATGMs. And most, perhaps, important is the fact that most of the Syrian pilots learned to fly exactly on "39-m". He is dear to them, like a school desk. The aircraft is also not demanding for radar tracking, which is of great importance in a ruinous civil war.

And although during the period of 2012 2013 7 aircraft was lost, it still delivers a lot of trouble the opposition. The losses were by a light anti-aircraft weapons, and from the American anti-tank TOW-2A, which fell into the hands of militants.

Fighting with L-39 Albatros, proved so successful that the Czech firm AERO VODOCHODY still 2014 year decided to resume its production. The Middle East, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa are still using 39-th, and as a training and light attack aircraft. Cost of a single combat sortie the aircraft A-39 was so cheap, that the US military decided to resume work in this area.

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