La 17R
La 17R

La 17R

La 17R device is an improvement over the target La-17, which has a qualitatively better performance and technical indicators. The new machine must perform more qualitative intelligence work. To this end, it was equipped with a powerful type of aerial cameras AFA-BFA-2K. It started developing in 1957 year, with the powerplant used RD-900. When construction abandoned corner reflectors, and the fuselage and wingtips fabricated from metal.

Design calculations showed that the device will be able to conduct high-quality flight at an altitude of 7 kilometers flight range in 170 km. In clear weather, this machine could carry out an excellent shooting position of the enemy. When the bend radius achieved its target of 5,4-8,5 kilometers. It should be noted that when planning a height 7 kilometers unmanned La 17R could fly even 56 kilometers.

In 1959, the Council of Ministers put forward its requirements for a new machine, which consisted of a range of at least 100 kilometers and a flight speed of 900 km / h. The rather severe requirements required additional refinement, after which the La-17R was launched not from a Tu-4 bomber, but directly from a ground installation. The requirements did not end there, since it was necessary to create a reusable unmanned vehicle with a thrust of 1900 kgf. In addition, the flight depth was increased to 250 kilometers.

State testing devices La 17R were completed in the summer 1963 years. Following the results of the tests were obtained such performance characteristics:

  • Flight altitude 7 kilometers.

  • The flight speed of up to 885 km / h.

  • You can use the photo-reconnaissance of the objects that were deleted on 50 kilometers from the starting position, and at the height of 7 kilometers for objects on remote 200 kilometers.

Serial production of the apparatus La-17Р began with 1963, at the factory number 475, 20 of such machines was manufactured here. The target was used in service until the 70s. Information about the use of combat no. It should be noted that the vehicles of the La-17 model became the latest flying devices that bore the name of the great designer S.А. Lavochkin. 

La 17R. Characteristics:

Modification   La 17R
Wingspan, m   7.50
Length m   8.98
Height, m   2.98
Weight, kg   3100
engine's type   1 TRD RD-9BR
Maximum speed km / h   750 – 900
Range, km   260
Practical ceiling, m   7000
The minimum flight altitude, m   100


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