Flying car - when the dream will come true?
Flying car - when the dream will come true?

Flying car - when the dream will come true?


Relatively recently, information has appeared that American designers have created the world's first concept of a flying car, which can be tightly embedded in our daily life in the near future. To date, work on the creation of this project continues, however, all the same American inventors Greg Brown and Dave Fawcett showed what few people dared to do before - they demonstrated how a flying car, upon landing, will turn into ordinary ground transport, or rather into an electric car, and vice versa - into an aircraft.

flying car

Why engineers chose the Electric Car? Most likely this is due to the fact that in the near future, serious problems can arise with the use of hydrocarbons, and the electric motor can be powered from virtually any energy source. In addition, the flying car with an electric motor occupies a much smaller volume, and therefore has less weight, it probably is best reflected in its flight qualities.

As for the model, code-named GF7, if you believe the plan designers, everything here is very, very interesting. Flying car will have a cruising speed of about flight 885 kilometers per hour (as a modern airliner), and the supply of fuel on board must be sufficient to overcome the 1600 kilometers, which is very susceptible.

flying car 2

Dimensions of land-air transport are also relatively small: in flight wingspan will reach 7 meters, while in the ground using the width of the vehicle is only slightly higher than the width of conventional cars, and that, according to statements by experts from California, this task is legkopopravimoy - enough to leave a place for 2 people and size of the car will be well charged any lane.

As you can see from these images, the height of the vehicle at ground its use will be about 3-3.5 meters, which is only at first glance it may seem not very comfortable, but on the other hand, given that the cost of GF7 should be about 3 million dollars, you probably at the future owners will find the means to build a spacious garage.

It is assumed that for the take-off of the car, it will be enough to disperse 60 kilometers per hour, and the length of the strip with the booster should be only about 300-400 meters, which is very little. After take-off will be made, the wheels are safely hidden inside a special compartment, and in the preparation for landing, will be nominated again.

flying car 3

It is possible that the first functioning model of a flying car GF7 will be built for several years, which will allow virtually anyone to rise from the ground to the sky.


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