Letnab - a pilot, a leading aerial observation than for any (usually for the purpose of forest fire detection, etc.)

Each letnab military reconnaissance aircraft, preparing for the combat mission, is obliged to take into account the possibility of working with the post of aeronautical communications and surveillance.

For this purpose he must:

  • 1. Know the aircraft password and post recall, which serve as a means of determining that the aircraft (post) is yours. Password signals and responses are set for every day or for a certain period of time: for an aircraft - rockets, pennants on the wings, aircraft evolution, and for post # - smoke bombs, bonfires, certain signals of the signal panel, etc.

  • 2. Know the location of the post, as well as the number of the serviced part. The serviced area is carefully surveyed from the map, but no markings on the map are permitted.

  • 3. Provide for the following on board:

a) aviagramm forms with carbon paper in the plate;

b) shifrer;

at) pennants;

d) launch of password colors and white;

d) gun pistol.

  • 4. Calling a post by an aircraft, an aircraft post and communication between them

Letnab received from the command job contact post 7-th division and reset the written order in the pennant. The post is located near the village. The pits. Password protection signal samoleta- Red Rocket; Review the post - alarm panel with tiled signal «267»; "Key" on a given day 25 / 245.

Letnab determines that the identification signal of the 1 Division should be posted (7: 3 = 2 and 1 in the remainder, which means 1 Division); checks the availability of the necessary equipment in the aircraft and its health, negotiates with the pilot about the mutual connection, together with him studies the map and the route to follow.


Ups and gaining altitude, the pilot gives letnab direction.

In the area of ​​the post letnab respectively warns the pilot and gives red rocket (Password protection signal), which means: "I - Red plane, where the bridge?".

Signalist post, noting Password protection signal to the aircraft and making sure that the plane her, on the orders of the chief post deploying alarm panel, opening it a signal «267» (Password protection rating), while laying out his identification mark, t. E. 1-th Infantry Division.

Letnab noticed deployed alarm panel with a properly laid out the recall, and the identification mark, flying closer, giving the white rocket, which means "Yes, I realized."

Fasting removes identification mark and opens the signal "wait"; plane, flying over the post, stands in a circle to receive aviagrammy. Letnab records in the form aviagrammy the reception.

Fasting begins transmitting signals letnab writes them sequentially in every cell of the form from the first signal to the "horses".

In cases where letnab at fast signaling not have time to tell them apart, the aircraft signaled the post "did not understand" (a sharp exit the plane of the circle), then again enters the circle to receive. Post repeats the last two signal and continues transmitting.

After the signal "end" letnab deciphering address, writes it to the line "target", invests in a pennant package, which must be reset to the post, as well as one copy aviagrammy, and then shows a pennant pilot, which means "ready to drop" . The pilot is reduced to a height of 200 / and during the flight over the post letnab resets pennant, taking into account the wind speed and direction (if the plane comes in the direction of the wind, the pennant is reset, a little before they reach the post; when flying against the wind - some flying post to the pennant, referred by the wind, he fell near the post).

Head as commander of "open 1368» («Wait»). Letnab read signal is convinced that pennant found.

The head of the post, checking aviagrammu, discovers that she is adopted and properly commanded, "Open 1345» («Yes, he realized").

Having signal letnab informs the pilot about the end of work. If you know the location of the post destination letnab leading aircraft in its area of ​​location and by calling the above

If the plane and the recipient, there are radio and lose the pennant impossible letnab cause radio station destination and passes the numerical value aviagrammy.

When the post is necessary to establish communication with the aircraft, Signalist, making for decals and the silhouette of the plane a, spread on the orders of the chief post Password protection signal; in this example, deploying a signaling panel and open the signal «267».

The plane, noticing Password protection signal post, gives a review Password protection - red rocket. In a review of the aircraft position closes Password protection signal spreads fast identification mark, t. E. «1-Division", and opens at the same time a signal «1368» («Wait») or another depending on the purpose for which the airplane is caused.

Letnab reading the identification mark and the signal "wait" in a circle to receive and give a white flare, which means identification signal is read, and is ready to accept aviagrammu letnab.

If letnabu need to know the number of the part, which he keeps in touch, he asks for the post of writing, dropping both in pennant request for room and aviagrammu for verification. Post transmits the request signal of the number of panels, and then, depending on the availability error signals: "yes, I realized," or "correct aviagrammu" or "no, do not understand."

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