Lockheed P-3 Orion. A photo. Characteristics.
Lockheed P-3 Orion. A photo. Characteristics.

Lockheed P-3 Orion. A photo. Characteristics.


A type: Chetyrehdvigatelny maritime patrol and anti-submarine aircraft

CrewTen people

Is still widely used in military aircraft at the end of 1990-ies, production continues to slow at the company "Lockheed Marietta» (Lockheed Marietta) in Georgia Orion aircraft in recent years has been operated by civil society organizations and individuals. Several liberated from the military aircraft were converted to fire the aircraft in "Aero Union Korporeshn» (Aero Union Corporation) in Chico, California.

Developed on the basis of the passenger airliner L-188 Electra as a non-coastal replacement for the P-2 Neptune, the Orion proved so successful that more than 500 units were built in just a few modifications. The first of 157 aircraft P-FOR was in the US Navy in August 1962 years, was followed by modification B (124 instance), which differed forced engines and the ability to carry missiles "Bulpap." The last modification was to build a anti-submarine aircraft P-AP, which debuted in the front aviation 1969 year.

The aircraft has been progressively elaborated. Modification of the P-AP "apgreyd» (Upgrade) III is still the most effective maritime patrol and anti-submarine aircraft of the US Navy, it is equipped with more than 20 combat and reserve units. Special modifications of aircraft "Elinta» (Elint) - an electronic intelligence and "Sidzhint» (Sigint) - Intelligence weak signals were also purchased for the Navy, while the armed forces 21 foreign country for an extended production of this aircraft also bought as a new and used P-OF / B / C.

Basic data


  • Length: 35,61 m
  • Wingspan: 30,37 m
  • Height: 10,27 m

Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 473 km / h
  • Range: 3853 km

Power point: four turboprop engines T56-14 company "Allison"

Power: 18 040 l. from. Shaft (13 452 kW)

The weight:

  • BLANK: 27 890 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 64 410 kg

Date of first flight:

  • August 19, 1958

Surviving airworthiness modifications: P-IN / V