Ray fescue reconnaissance UAV
Ray fescue reconnaissance UAV

Ray fescue reconnaissance UAV

Develop a set of "Tipchak" engaged JSC "Design Bureau" Luch ". The design work was started at the end of 80-ies. The first stage of state tests was conducted in 2006-2007 years. In the second phase tests the device was tested in the field.

Initially, the complex was prepared for 2 variants. At the present time the project is implemented with the launch of the UAV with a pneumatic catapult. In the future, considering the development of other options set.

"Tipchak" - a special set of aerial reconnaissance UAV-05, the purpose of which is to detect and identify aerial various ground targets, determine their origin and transmission of data in real time over a distance of up to 40 km from the ground control station at any time.

The complex is designed to meet in order to ensure the accuracy of following a route, and the ability to mount various types of payloads. UAVs can lead to the direct management and operation of the program.

Conduct reconnaissance of ground targets can immediately 2 the aircraft.

The payload can be represented by a lowercase intelligence apparatus of the visible and infrared ranges. If necessary, you can replace the relay equipment, chemical and electronic reconnaissance and other purposes.

Complex "Tipchak" consists of up to 4 6 UAV-05.

Purpose UAV-05 is transportation transceiver and intelligence equipment for the benefit of the collection and transmission of information on the ground control station in real time radio command and autonomous flight. Fast assembly UAVs provided high technological complex, which is stored in a disassembled form and going for 15 minutes.

The propulsion system is represented by a piston engine.

The transfer of control commands simultaneously on 2 drones provided aerial vehicle. Also, this machine determines the coordinates of the UAV radar method involved taking the species, navigation and telemetry data. It is equipment to control two UAVs and antenna-mast devices 12 m height, which provides quality control and data exchange with the UAV.

The return channel operates in the centimeter, straight - in the decimeter wavelength ranges. The apparatus is rotated in the azimuthal sector projection angles from vertical to -10 + 45 degrees. To determine the location of the machine and carry out topographic binding to the terrain, use satellite navigation system "GLONASS".

Power is represented by a three-phase AC power 380 / 22 In or electricity, published integrated diesel generators.

For the management of the complex, recording, processing and reproduction of the species and telemetry data meets the machine operator. Also, it made a correction UAVs binding area to the digital map to determine the coordinates of objects and explored the interaction with consumers of information and controls.

The machine consists of three automatic workplaces from which the complex is managed, receiving and issuing results of the assignment, recognizing intelligence objects, determining their location and coordinates, as well as automatically linking the received images to an electronic map of the area and preparing intelligence reports. The time it takes for the machine to issue a formalized report after the completion of reconnaissance does not exceed 30 seconds. Between AWP communication is performed using Ethernet-10 and Ethernet-100 protocols. 

Ray fescue. Characteristics:

Modification   BLA-05
Wingspan, m   3.40
Length m   2.40
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   70
  Fuel   160
engine's type   1 AP
Power, hp   1 x
Cruising speed, km / h   90-190
Radius of action, km   70
Flight duration, h   3
Static ceiling, m   3000


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