747-400 - China Airlines
Most of the aircraft cabin space Boeing 747-400 - China Airlines

Most of the aircraft cabin space Boeing 747-400 - China Airlines


The latest passenger plane Boeing 747-400 which was released by the Boeing Corporation was placed precisely airline China Airlines in April 2005 years

Aviation company "China Airlines" uses on its flights 13 machines Boeing747-400.Sredi them there are two configurations for 375 (12 / 49 / - / 314) and 397 (14 / - / 64 / 319) passenger seats.

Most of the aircraft are made with 397 seats, so we will consider this particular option. So, the three-class cabin of the Boeing-747-400 (397 seats).


This aircraft model has two decks: lower and upper.

Upper deck

  • 1-3 r.- business class. Modern, good business. Displays 15'4 diagonal inches, comfortable chairs. The distance between the rows - 60 inches (more than 1.5 meters).

  • 5 p. - first row economy. Since a very nice screen serves as a partition between the classes, there will be a lot of free space for the legs. These are places of increased comfort. Economy monitors are 8.9 inches, and the row spacing is approximately 86 centimeters.

  • 9 p. - the last row of economy. Directly behind it is a toilet and a staircase leading to the lower deck. This will cause some discomfort during the flight. Therefore, they are marked in yellow on the diagram.


747-400 - China Airlines upper deck


Lower deck

The lower deck is occupied by a single, tourist class seats on 318. Similar monitors, 8.9 inches, and the distance between seats - 31 inch (78 centimeters).


747-400 - China Airlines upper deck


  • 10, 11, 12 p. K, H, B, A-to them by three, and two seats. They mark them an increase in comfort, since it is always more convenient to two seats, rather than three or four. Among the shortcomings - are located in the nose of the aircraft mount for baby carriages, this risk being surrounded by passengers carrying small children.

  • 19 p. - Are located near the emergency exits, do not recline the seatbacks in this series or this limited.

  • 20-22 p., Places G, E, D - will not be very calm, as they are surrounded on both sides by toilets. during long flights there are plenty of people who want to visit them. As a result, there are unpleasant smells, queues, regular movement of people and the sounds of the tank. The same can be attributed to places L, K, H, C, B, A at 22 p. In addition, the distance to the toilet wall is not very large.

  • 29 p., Do not recline the backrest. They are located near the emergency exits and the chair in the middle rest against the wall of the toilet.

  • 31 p., Place A, B, C- there is additional space for the legs, sometimes very significant. The armrests are placed folding tables. Of the minuses: 31A - the door can be a bit, well located near the 31S staircase.

  • 32-34, places C - proximity to the stairs causes inconvenience.

  • 43,54,70,71 rubles - the chairs do not recline. The reason is named above - escape hatches.

  • 44 and 55 p., - A good place due to increased leg space. But the proximity to the toilets will bring trouble.

  • 67-70 p. again have 2, rather than 4 3 or chair. It's pretty good, especially if you are traveling alone. But, in the last rows. chairs do not recline. In addition, do not add comfort proximity to toilets.


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