757-200 - Uzbekistan Airways
Best places of the cabin Boeing 757-200 - Uzbekistan Airways

Best places of the cabin Boeing 757-200 - Uzbekistan Airways

Passenger modern aircraft, which has the latest navigation equipment, has high aerodynamic efficiency and maneuverability. Aircraft may be two or odnolassnymi and hold respectively 220 and 188 seats.

The youngest is a copy of the aircraft VP-BUH (14.8 years) and the oldest - UK75700 (17.9 years).

In total, the airline fleet Uzbekistan Airlines 6 aircraft Boeing 757-200

Best places of the cabin Boeing 757-200 - UTair

Let us consider in detail the place:

  • 1 p. pretty comfortable places. The distance to the wall is quite large and there is extra legroom. The front part in the cabin is always always winning. The weight will reach first all the food and drinks and when you land the first you get off the plane.

  • 9 p., But is at the front cabin has one big disadvantage. Basically, a place for which there is an emergency exit, has tilting limit or no recline. Inconvenient to carry in vertical position long flight, as the guard of honor ,.

  • 10 p. on the one hand, the seats in the row are not 6, but 4. This is always a great advantage - you can, without disturbing anyone, get up from your seat yet, the neighbors will not bother you. On the other hand, there is an emergency exit in front of these places, which means that there is additional free space to stretch the legs forward. Very convenient.

  • 11A and 11F have similar virtues that place 10 p.

  • Note that 13p. and 17 p. absent.

  • 19 p. - The chair of this series does have a small angle of tilt. Due to the direct proximity to dvui emergency exits / hatches.

  • 20 p. - Space between the emergency exits. Chairs do not recline, but there is more space for the legs in front of them.

  • 21 p. - A good place right after the emergency exit, seat recline, there's space to stretch your legs.

  • 40 p., Last. Not recline chair as abut the door or the wall. Often located near the kitchen, or even worse, a toilet. Take your places on the very worst.

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