Top flight attendants
Top flight attendants

Top flight attendants



Many girls want and dream of a flight attendant. Flight attendants, which pass along the long rows of passengers, something reminiscent of fashion models on the catwalk. In the plane on which all eyes are turned. And by this work allows the girls to see people and the world. Therefore, the stewardess profession may seem no less enviable than modeling activities. And I must say, to become a flight attendant - just not easy. This requires not only be good. Must be better.

Stewardess - a profession, the first condition for which is excellent health. Secondly, you need to have an iron endurance and resistance to stress. And also to be smiling, benevolent, resourceful ... Girls are hired at a young age, about 24-25 years old. The career of a stewardess, like that of a model, does not last very long. But it is bright and full of impressions.


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Top flight attendants


Teri Mason worked as a flight attendant for many years. A young American woman from a large family living in Nebraska, only dreamed about and how to break out of the wilderness, and in his own "free flight" to see the world. She succeeded.

Teri loves and is proud of her profession. She, too, sometimes compares the career of a flight attendant with a modeling or Hollywood one. Heavenly fairies should have a pleasant appearance, be slender enough - a fat woman will not be able to gracefully walk along a narrow row. But the most important thing, according to Teri, is complaisance. It is these girls that airlines need more. The flight attendants only look fragile and carefree. In fact, they work hard and get very tired. Flights are long. It is estimated that on some transatlantic routes, girls can travel up to 15 kilometers in total in one flight! And this - in conditions of all sorts of "turbulence", in heels.


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Top flight attendants


By the appearance put forward strict requirements. The smallest pimple on the face - and you will be removed from the flight. For those keenly following special inspectors. Terry recalls how one of her colleagues sent back home just because she looked tired and not enough sleep: under the eyes of the girl were light, barely noticeable, "bruises". Absolutely not! Hostess welcoming passengers should look your best.


After passing the medical examination and interviews, the girls who were selected must unlearn special courses for flight attendants. There they are shown how to properly set the table, serve food and drinks, as well as how to apply work makeup, how to behave during the flight. Behavior requirements are even more stringent. Stewardesses must demonstrate the manners of true ladies. In no case should they flirt openly. Although, quite a few airlines, nevertheless, teach employees to implicitly flirt with passengers: but in such a way that in no case would question the honor of the uniform.

The standards apply to the hair, manicure. For example, once it is forbidden to wear wigs, long nails or false eyelashes. Now, on the contrary, if the nails are too short, you need to stick overhead or increase. It is necessary to look fashionable and topical: that passengers liked, says Terry. Important for the image of the airline has komapnii Costume stewardessBut more on that another time.


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Top flight attendants


On the aircraft, no one is immune from abnormal situations. Teri remembers one emergency landing. Within two hours, the commander announced that she would need to calmly arrange the disembarkation of passengers through emergency exits. Something broke in the chassis, and at the nearest airfield had to land. Most of all, Teri was frightened by the fact that everything lay entirely on her only shoulders: they warned her only. Other flight attendants on the voyage were new. They decided not to worry that excitement was not passed on to people in the salon. Tari remembers how one of the passengers complained about a cold omelet. So it would be desirable to fend off, that soon the omelet will seem a trifle, in comparison ...

In the end, everything was completed safely and without panic.