Love of heaven is forever
Love of heaven is forever

Love of heaven is forever



The founder of the largest French broker company from Nice AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) - about the love of aircraft, business aviation and the joys of life on the French Riviera.


Business aviation in the modern world is by no means the privilege of wealthy gentlemen. Today it is quite affordable, and most importantly convenient, way of travel for the middle class, widespread in particular on the French Riviera and in Monaco.

Love of heaven is forever


On the current state of affairs in the business aviation market, about where you can go in a private plane or a helicopter and how much it costs the general director of the Russian-speaking Company-broker AVIAV TM (Cofranc SARL) Vitaly Dmitrievich Archangel.


 - Tell us, please, how did the company start? What inspired you to work in the field of private aviation?

- It all started, as it usually happens, from the first step. More than ten years ago, I first sat at the helm of the helicopter. Then I was in no way connected with the subject of aviation, but, being in the role of a pilot, I realized that the love of heaven is forever. And he began to act.

Since by that time I had already moved to France for permanent residence, and before me the question arose: what to do, I decided to develop business in the field of aviation and organized the company AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL). At first we were a small brokerage firm, but over time we grew to a large company, widely known both in France and Monaco, and beyond. Today our representative offices are open in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The fact is that I often had to travel the world, and often I faced unfair work of air carriers, delays and cancellations of flights at airports, unwanted neighbors on board. But it was these inconveniences and shortcomings of regular flights that prompted me to take up private aviation. I wanted to give people freedom of movement and maximum comfort - all that I myself lacked when traveling.


- How many years AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) Already works in the market? What did the company achieve during this time?

- Cofrans SARL has been working in the aviation market of France for more than seven years. During this time we managed to achieve a lot: significantly expand the aviation base and the range of services offered, gain experience and gather an exceptionally professional team.

But our main achievement personally I consider membership in the prestigious professional international organizations NBAA and EBAA, that is, the American and European business aviation associations. It's nice to realize that your work is valued by real experts, connoisseurs of your business. It inspires further activity and creativity.

Our company has become the only ARGUS registered broker not only in France, but also in the entire post-Soviet space - we are the absolute leaders of the Russian-speaking business aviation market (both business jets and helicopter).


- What specific services does your company offer?

"We are engaged in the sale and lease of aircraft and helicopters in France and are systematically expanding our air base, so our customers do not have problems with the choice: we have long-haul aircraft, for example, Airbus A319, compact Bombardier Challenger, beautiful Embraer airliners, Airbus helicopters, Bell, Robinson and others. All aircraft are ready for flight: we strictly monitor the technical condition of the machines and understand: safety is the most important thing that we must provide our customers.

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In addition, Cofranc SARL offers insurance services for aircraft, for translation and legal support, services for concluding a sales transaction. Finally, we can provide the customer with a helicopter taxi or organize an interesting sightseeing tour by helicopter. Among other things, we are engaged in cargo transportation.


- Describe the current state of affairs in the business aviation market: which business jets are most in demand, which areas are popular?

- Business aviation from year to year is gaining increasing popularity throughout the civilized world. The most current aircraft models today are Bombardier Challenger 300, De Havilland DHC-2, Embraer Phenom 100, Beechcraft King Air B200C, Gulfstream G150.

As for directions, we receive requests for flights from Moscow to Nice, from Kiev to Munich, from Astana to London. In general, Russians and citizens of the CIS countries like to rest in Europe and on the Cote d'Azur, so our planes often fly to the most popular destinations: to Paris, Rome, Madrid, to the Principality of Monaco.

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- Let's talk a little about helicopters. For what purpose do they lease and buy today? Are helicopter tours popular?

"The helicopter is a special kind of air transport and at the same time it is an excellent entertainment. Tourists perfectly understand this and use helicopters as a taxi, for example, for flights from one resort of Côte d'Azur to another, and use them for the excursions you have already mentioned. Quite often we receive requests from honeymooners who want to climb under the clouds on their wedding day, from photographers who manage to take stunning pictures from a bird's eye view.

In addition, the cost of helicopter flights is quite attractive. For example, a tour of the Lerins Islands will cost three tourists only about 200 euros. True, the duration of the trip will be only 6-10 minutes, but, believe me, this time is sometimes enough to get a lot of new vivid impressions.

The cost of longer flights on the Riviera along the extended route, for example, with a walk over the red rocks of Esterel or a tour in Saint-Tropez cost from 1 thousand euros.

Of course, there are also those who want to buy a helicopter. We are always glad to such customers: AVIAV TM offers different variants of rotary-wing machines to choose from, it helps to carry out a deal competently, if necessary, can recommend experienced pilots and help in finding a parking for a helicopter. We ourselves are in love with aviation and in every way we support the passion for flying with our customers, providing them with comprehensive support.


- Tell us a bit about buying airplanes. Who today can afford such costs? Which liners are bought more often?

"Our average client is a private business owner or a top manager, but recently we have noted the following trend: more and more representatives of the so-called middle class become owners of small private planes or helicopters.

Since the purchase of an aircraft is a responsible and, of course, costly event, buyers tend to purchase aircraft from companies that have long been represented and have proven themselves in the market. We are talking about Airbus, Cessna, Gulfstream aircraft, as well as the famous Bell, Robinson helicopters. All these machines are in our database.

Love to the sky is forever3


As for the cost, today the quotes for business jets start from 3.5-5 million euros: for example, the Bombardier Global 5000 aircraft will cost you 28 million cu. Helicopters, of course, are cheaper - from 300 thousand euros to two million euros.


- What is happening in the market of cargo aviation today? What are the prospects for this direction?

- Today many people use cargo aviation services, in particular, businessmen, whose work is connected with important cargoes. Unfortunately, postal services do not always properly cope with their duties, and the parcel reaches the addressee with significant damages or is completely lost. The credibility of freight traffic through the air is growing.

Our company guarantees to customers that the parcel will be delivered to any point of the world on time, intact and intact. We value our reputation and do our best to ensure that our clients are always satisfied with our work. In my opinion, cargo air transportation has excellent prospects both in France and around the world.


- Your advice as a broker to potential buyers of aircraft and helicopters?

- To act! It is most important. If you have long dreamed of making such a purchase, do not postpone it for tomorrow - otherwise your desire may never come true.

However, one should not rush in such an important matter: first of all, one should carefully study the market, prices, conditions for purchasing an aircraft, take care of insurance and decide on where the aircraft will be parked. It is also important to decide one more question: who will fly the plane or helicopter? You will probably need the services of an experienced Russian-speaking crew or pilot courses.

We are always happy to offer our assistance in purchasing an aircraft. Specialist AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) Connects to work at any stage, step by step helping your dream come true.

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- Your forecasts regarding the situation in the business aviation market?

- Based on my own many years of experience, I can say that business aviation will develop. People have long valued convenience and time, especially in a business environment, therefore, despite financial instability in the world, flights on private airliners will always be in demand, and the number of customers in this area will only increase with the years.

As for the Russian business aviation market, I would call it unstructured, especially in comparison with the French one. In Russia, many private companies operate, both large and more modest. I am sure that over time, say, within the next five years, the market is structured in a natural way, and it will be really worthy players.

Already today, there is a noticeable trend of changing the attitude of customers to private aviation: from the category of luxury, it becomes a familiar tool for doing business. In the French aviation market, similar sentiment among customers is already evident. I believe that Russia will soon "catch up" and we will be able to talk about the confident and stable demand for private flights among Russian businessmen and travelers.

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Material prepared by a journalist Cofrance SARL, Nice-Monte Carlo