Cradle Arkhip Mikhailovich
Cradle Arkhip Mikhailovich - scientist, designer of aircraft engines

Cradle Arkhip Mikhailovich - scientist, designer of aircraft engines


Lyulka Arkhip Mikhailovich (1908-1984) - a prominent scientist, designer of aircraft engines. He stood at the origins of the development of jet aviation. 

In 1931, he graduated from Kiev Polytechnic Institute and began operations research engineer at the Kharkov Institute of Industrial Energy, then moved to Kharkov Turbine Plant.

Since 1933 of AM Lyulka began working in the field of aviation, which has devoted all his life to become an academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the city of 1968

In 1937, the young designer for the first time in the Soviet Union stated and substantiated the idea of ​​creating Turbokom-pressor jet engine. Thus, he was a pioneer of the birth of jet aircraft.

Since 1946 of Lyul'ko became the leader of one of the design aviamotorostroeniya Bureau. Together with the staff of his team created the jet engines.

In 1940 was Lyul'ko created his first jet engine - RD-1 axial compressor and annular combustion chamber. The engine thrust was 0,7 kN. In 1943-1944 years. With jet-18 was designed with thrust 1,25 kN. These were essentially prototypes. The engines have not found practical application, but gave a huge experience necessary for further development.

Works Lyul'ko were known at the time of the Great Patriotic War.

In 1944, he got a government job to the creation of the domestic jet engine.

The first Soviet jet engine has been designed and manufactured in the city of 1945 - TR-1 1,3 with traction kN.

In 1947 appeared, the enhanced TR-1. It was used by aircraft designers PO Sukhoi and SV Ilyushin. This motor is mounted on a twin-engine plane Sukhoi - Su-11, was reached airspeed 900 km / h. Engine AM Lyulka TR-1 was established in the same year aircraft Ilyushin. IL-22. Experimental four-engine plane in the series did not go.

In 1946 was once the engine constructor has been created - VDR-5 (TR-3) with a thrust equal to 45 kN. Engine AL-5 (50 kN thrust) was established in 1951, at the aircraft Ilyushin IL-30. It was possible to reach a flying speed 1000 km / h. By plane IL-46 was established two engines AL-5, it was shown the speed of horizontal flight 928 km / h at an altitude of 3000 m.

The aircraft with swept-wing design Ilyushin Il-54 engines TR-7 (AL-7) were used with the draft 65 kN.

Engine AL-5 was installed as the fighter Lavochkin La-190, 1190 reached flying speed km / h (1951 g).

The aircraft Tupolev Tu-98 with engines AM Lyulka AL-75 12 000 at an altitude of meters indicated airspeed 1238 km / h. More on the same plane Tupolev engines were installed AM Cradles - Tu-110 (passenger plane on 100 people). Famous aircraft designer Oleg Antonov and GM Beriev also used engines Lyul'ko.

Not all engines AM Cradles large and brilliant life was prepared (as, for example, English-VK1 NIN), as well as the aircraft in which they were installed. The reasons for this were many. One of them - strong competition of foreign works. Domestic engines inferior trophy and licensed to the middle of 1950-ies.

A. M. Lyulka made a great contribution to the creation and development of jet aircraft. In addition to the engines, the results of his work were theoretical positions, scientific generalizations, private developments. Many of them, in particular the scheme of a bypass engine, were used in the design of aircraft engines in other design bureaus.

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