Ski gear for the aircraft. Priceless prospects for the world.
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Ski gear for the aircraft. Priceless prospects for the world.

Ski gear for the aircraft. Priceless prospects for the world.


Not so long ago the news of aviation it became known that the Russian explorer Artur Chilingarov intends to equip the Czech aircraft Let L-410 ski gear. Scientific experiment should take place in the near future, with the main aim pursued all this is possible subsequent transfer of light Russian aircraft to the North, and, it will both provide the remote areas of the country with all the necessary, and develop there local airlines, with which the current currently there are big problems.



At first glance, the idea may seem quite mad, but in reality, light aircraft perfectly suited for operation in the northern areas, and if earlier, to an airplane could make a landing, it was necessary specifically to prepare the runway, or the reset all the necessary cargo from the air, now they will be able to freely planes to land. In other words, the actual occurrence in the north of Russian airports will not be expensive, thus, the idea is already on the first study is very promising.



Of course, talking about the beginning of regular flights to remote locations northern Russia very early, but now, in order to reach remote regions there is no need to make a long flight in a helicopter, whose capacity is not as large as that of the plane. However, it does not exclude also the probability that the aircraft A-410 can make flights to remote regions and to carry passengers to larger airports, followed by boarding the flight, following in the direction of other cities in the country, or at all, beyond it.



In addition, a specially designed construction of ski gear can be used in all remote regions of the planet, in particular, it refers to Canada (the northern part of it); Greenland; Norway; Finland; Northern archipelago inaccessible for landing planes normal to them; mountain areas and the countryside, which has quite a level and extent of the area for landing aircraft.

The idea to equip the aircraft ski gear had never worked through because of his inappropriate, but now is very important. Nevertheless, it is necessary to clarify that further possibilities will be known only after a number of tests, including in its various planes of congestion to allow for possible instability when making a landing.


Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for

"The very idea of ​​equipping an airplane with a ski landing gear has never been worked out before."
the stupidity of another "specialist". Almost all light-engine aviation in the Far North in the winter period was equipped, during the Soviet era, with ski chassis. What is the state now? I do not know.