Supersonic heavy bomber M-50


The first Soviet supersonic heavy bomber design VM Myasishcheva became widely known in the city of 1961

Powerplant: four turbojets construction PA Soloviev D-15 13 000 kg thrust each. Two engines located on pylons under the wings, the two are attached to the cantilever part of the wing.


M-50 photo

M-50 photo


Performance characteristics aircraft M-50:

  • Wingspan, m 27,00

  • Aircraft length, m 58,00

  • Height, m ​​12,20

  • Wing area, m2 200

  • Maximum flight speed km / h 2200

  • Cruising speed altitude 11 000 m, km / h 1500

  • Starting weight, kg 75 000

  • Ceiling, m 21

  • Flight range, km 10 000



  • The plane could take in the bomb bay (length - 12 m) 20 000 kg bombs.

  • Provided external suspension bombs, missiles.


Military aviation


Engine AL-7 on pylons. And al-7F on consoles. 3300 range. Load 5tonn bombs. The parameters that are listed you --- it min on a project that has not been achieved