"MAK" - Tour and photo report
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"MAK" - Tour and photo report

"MAK" - Tour and photo report


Only flights of live aircraft ...


Just recently we had visited on a visit at an interesting company with a great title - "Modernization Aviation Complex" (short - "MAK"). "MAK" - an unusual company - here is designed and constructed flight simulator, in which the conquerors of the sky, future pilots trained and master all the subtleties of flight personnel skills. So, how today works and lives than the company "MAK" - our photo report.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 1

Day trips to outstanding, frankly, it turned out to be not the best, rainy and cloudy, and the joy it was against the backdrop of gloomy sky and see the friendly facade engineering center of "MAK".

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 2

The photo above - the room negotiations "MAK" and hence started our tour.

Vyacheslav Krasnozhen, General Director of the Aviation Complex Modernization Company, walked us through the departments and workshops of the enterprise and told us in detail about its activities. The main thing that made a strong impression was the people who work here. These are highly qualified specialists who truly love their profession, who approach business informally, with a soul. In "MAK", they manufacture flight simulators according to the latest technology, on a turnkey basis: from the development of a design project to implementation in the form of a working model. 

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 3

The unique flight simulators that the MAAK company manufactures are in demand by both civil and military aviation. Therefore, the company has a reinforced security system and special access control, you can get into the workshops and rooms only by special passes. 

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 4

Machine shop - the first stop on the tour route. Here, working with metal, the material seriously, we can say harsh. Sheets cut to special equipment is made welding and turning workpieces. Processing of metal - it's always hard work, that's enough to look at these metal sheets - the original material from which Molds cut blanks.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 5

For cutting metal using metal shears or a special guillotine. The welding station is equipped with modern machines and equipment.

Then we saw a lot more interesting machines whose appointment and the principle of action can only guess. For example, here on this equipment can cut metal sphere. The operator enters the information into the computer, all the rest - a trick.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 6

On the milling machine working surface of the part is cooled by a stream of liquid coming continuously.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 7

Craft enterprises are equipped with European equipment. The intensive and dynamic development of the company is provided in the first use of high technology development. Thus, in particular, the entire process is computerized. The operator receives the necessary information in real time, which can significantly reduce manufacturing labor costs.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 8

In "MAK" the quality is under special control. Every part manufactured undergoes the strictest inspection and testing. This is done by a special division of the enterprise, whose specialists monitor compliance with production standards.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 9

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 10

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 11

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 12

And this is how the future looks dashboard, which designs and builds the company "MAK". The finished panel is mounted on the simulator for the aircraft Cessna (USA).

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 13

Further along the tour route - paint shop, where harvesting dye. For coloring of large workpieces there is a special camera.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 14

On the last photo - painted blank future model Cessna - the integration of technology and aesthetics.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 15

The company employs staff 150. Small by today's standards, the company with an impressive performance efficiency. As one well-known person, "less is more". For comparison, we can recall the Soviet industrial production, focused on the military industry, where huge capacities served thousandths working groups, with the productivity of production has not always been at a high level.

Vyacheslav told that the assembly of the new simulator is the most costly, both in time and in time consuming. The build process can take from six to twelve months, during which there is the creation of software and made the necessary details. Just as the assembly aviatrenazhёra takes about two weeks.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 16

The next item on the itinerary of our movement - computer department, a place where "conjure" designers and programmers. It developed software and virtual visual "reality" for aviapilota.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 17

In the photo below you can see a special procedural simulator for Cessna. On such simulators tested the new software and improved piloting skills.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 18

A complex and time-consuming process for the manufacture of electronic filling of flight simulators - a problem the electronics department. To the layman it is still very unclear, but impressive. Quality - the basic principle of electronics, each new order - it is always individual, exclusive work, determines the model aircraft. Taken together, all this requires each employee "aerobatics" of their skills and long-term time-consuming.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 19

Exclusive enterprise development - universal fee. 

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 20

Its peculiarity is that it can work on all models aviatrenazhёrov. Universal board is programmed in accordance with the task and can be easily integrated into the system.

The most exciting events took place as the end of the tour. We not only show the finished model Flight simulators for the Cessna, but also as a real pilot, was allowed to "fly" on the simulator.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 13

What was surprising was the accuracy of the pilot’s workplace. 

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 15

Cab aviatrenazhёra simulated life-size, front on a spherical screen image, and placed behind a separate compartment for the instructor, during which action figures aviapilota duplicated to all units.

And when I sat down and the pilot "flew" the sensations were so real that already captures the spirit and a little seasick.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 16

 Summarizing the above, as well as what we saw, heard and tested on ourselves, I would like to note that we felt great pride that our Russian company can do such things. There is much to learn from domestic enterprises in terms of organizational, as well as design, production and innovative ones. At the same time, in the conditions of the market economy, “M.A.K.”, we have to literally survive in tough competition with similar foreign companies. So far, in fact, with a completely competitive quality of MAK products, preference is given to American brands, although a company with a twelve-year work experience, which has overcome the difficulties of formation and development, cannot be called a newcomer to the market.

"POPPY." - excursion and photo report. 18

Today, "MAK" - is an example of modern production, a highly qualified workforce, high technologies, rapid development and great potential, the implementation of which is at the level of the world standards. I want to believe that the Russian market will be actively involved in supporting and dignified vanguard of domestic developments.


Michael Bushnev specifically for Avia.pros


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