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Stepdaughter small aircraft



So who will take care of the needs of small aircraft? Aviation Caller ID?


The state has no time. From the highest stands, the highest officials of the state declare all kinds of statements about widespread assistance and the development of infrastructure for small, interregional aviation. And general aviation.


In recent years 10, how many applications pleasing ear aviators.


16.12.2010 Moscow. The Russian government will be engaged in the revival of small aircraft, said then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The duty on the import of small aircraft will be reduced. Funds will be allocated to airfield networks for light aircraft. The airfields of the former DOSAAF will be restored. 


Has anyone seen the Programme support small aircraft?


22.08. 2013g. The Russian based "Aviasoyuz." The association of small and regional aviation. On the basis of air-industrial complex in Ulyanovsk will create all the conditions for domestic production of aircraft for regional flights.

small aircraft

At this stage in Russia there are practically no light two-seat or more aircraft. There are isolated cases of production, not even series, but also, semi-handicraft production of light aircraft. Virtually no niche of lightweight fuel-efficient engines. Although the absence of domestic, normal engines, for the needs of its own aircraft industry, in my opinion there is already a "good" tradition for the USSR, and later for Russia. There is no high-quality jet fuel. And why should it be produced on the domestic market, if there is no demand ?! That's what the owners of good, expensive aircraft need to buy 100 LL, abroad. In the same Finland.


Where is high-quality, inexpensive avionics?  

The market is completely flooded with stations, transponders, all sorts of pointers, displays well-known western companies.

Even an ordinary headset to communicate have to order overseas.


Now, basically, the fleet of light, private aircraft consists of foreign technology. The mass production of Cessna, Piper, and other companies allows keeping their cost at a fairly low level. And the saturation, for example, of the American market with light aircraft, allows you to choose an aircraft for every taste, of any year of manufacture. 
Have you bought it? Well done! But now it still needs to be delivered to Russia by sea. Pay customs duty. Which is often comparable to the cost of the plane itself. Further, your device must be registered in the register of aircraft of the Russian Federation (for a separate fee, of course!). Another plane needs to be assembled and flown. All this should be done by professionals, of course! To certify and obtain an aircraft permission to fly. 

small aircraft 2

In America and Europe, the procedure for training and obtaining a pilot's license is extremely simplified. And we cannot say that there is a huge number of accidents due to the fault of private pilots. If you are not going to be engaged in a private taxi or other type of commercial activity using aircraft, then obtaining a PPL license is not much different from obtaining a license to drive a car. There is not even a medical commission. It is enough to go to a general practitioner. And then take a course at one of the many flight schools. And these schools, believe me, prepare very high quality! You will acquire the skills of piloting on a map, using a GPS navigator. Piloting in adverse weather conditions and non-standard situations. Previously, of course, having studied the theoretical disciplines. Aerodynamics, cartography, meteorology, etc.

  Of course, we also have aero clubs and ATS, where they can prepare a pilot flying for the "soul". But they are few, courses are very expensive. And this is not because the people who do this are greedy. Simply, these are the conditions, and the specifics of Russian airspace.


Russia, a country with vast spaces of the extent and small population.

Where they do not have on our open spaces, it is possible and necessary to develop and business aviation, and light private aircraft, and a small inter-regional!

  Light aircraft, amphibious aircraft, autogyros and helicopters could all occupy their solid niche in our air. 


  Amphibian aircraft. Separate swan song. How many regions in Russia are famous for their rivers, channels, lakes. Which are a free, ready site for landing. And, for example, in Karelia, where there is a huge number of lakes, some of them can only be reached by air. Fly, I do not want.

small aircraft 3

There are, of course, in Russia a lot of enthusiasts, creative design bureaus who are developing both airplanes and engines for them, and collecting unique, simple instruments. But all this is done privately, individually. Not a well thought out state policy in this matter. Although, maybe it is ... but here, on the ground, for some reason it is not noticeable. Allocated funds, development programs, settle, probably, there, somewhere in the corridors of power. The Ministry of Transport is probably very busy developing more profitable transport sectors. He has no time to engage in low-profit industries. So, small aviation became a stepdaughter. And in the Soviet Union, it never occurred to anyone to unite the navy and aviation into one department. It was the Ministry of Civil Aviation. And he was headed by a professional. Not a sailor, and not a railwayman. And the pilot. And he solved problems based on the interests of all types of aviation.

  Well, we can only wait. 


Valery Smirnov specifically for


At first glance, it may seem to many that an airplane is something complicated and inaccessible to an ordinary person. However, in fact, it's not so difficult and expensive to learn a pilot and fly an airplane, even your own one. You, of course, have heard that ultralight or small aviation represents itself. Fortunately, legislation in Russia tolerates its activities in a tolerant manner. Despite the fact that experts say that the rules and flight standards in our country have greatly inflated requirements, everything needs to be known in comparison. For the present, Russia is not New Zealand, where all age groups of people are traveling on ultralight aircraft (the frequency of using air transport is the same as for a car). We should rejoice that there is a system in Russia that allows private flights.


Small aircraft and legislation


Almost over the whole territory of our country private flights are allowed. The exception is flights near objects of a secret destination and over Moscow. To fly, you just need to leave a permit application, in which you need to specify the takeoff place, the landing site, and you can fly right away. Nobody has the right to prohibit the flight. The situation with flights for the territory of the country is somewhat more complicated. In this case, you need to file a request, prepare certain documents, issue a permit for crossing the state border. Although formally all is not so difficult. However, in practice this process is specially delayed, and permission can be obtained quickly only by applying the ancient Russian method, which quickly regulates matters with officials. Although if you have the desire and time, then you can go and legally.


Small aircraft and access to the wheel


Before you sit at the helm of the aircraft, you need to obtain flight rights, which, just like automobile, are divided into different categories. One of the main requirements for obtaining such rights is the necessary flying hours with the instructor. To open the category of the amateur pilot, you need to fly with an instructor at least 50 hours. With the category of commercial pilot, the situation is more complicated - not less than 200 hours. The next category is line pilots who serve regular international flights. There are special conditions here. In addition to minimal raids and training, regular medical examinations will be required. This rule applies to all categories of rights.

Small aircraft and legislation

An airplane is not a car, and during the flight it can not be stopped to check flight rights, and also to which category the flight is. Nowadays there are cases when a small aircraft is operated by people who do not have a flight license. Yes, they are able to control the aircraft in varying degrees, but are not going to spend money on flights with an instructor to get the relevant document. And this is not surprising, because the flight hour (depending on the type of aircraft) costs from 15 thousand rubles. As you can see, small aviation, namely training, is quite expensive. And even her fans can not afford to pay the minimum number of hours of flight.

After the flight rights will be prepared to buy the aircraft. In our country you can find a variety of species. They are engaged in the production of dozens of companies. The plane comes in ready-assembled or in kit form, which, following the instructions, easy to assemble. You can find / used aircraft in the secondary market. Most popular today planes - AN-2 и AN-3.

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