Small resort on Kushina airport
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Small resort on Kushina airport

Small resort on Kushina airport

Information for drivers:

Telegraph index: ULSI
The geographical coordinates of the KTA:
59 ° 24,118 'N
031 ° 48,928 'E

(WGS 84 in the coordinate system)
"Vector" - 120,15 MHz
All year round, day and night.

The absolute height of the airfield (NAB.): + 29 m.
time zone number: 3 (third).
Magnetic Declination: + 10,2 degrees.
Runway: 430m x 20m
Courses runway:
magnetic - 007 ° / 187 °
true - 017,4 ° / 197,4 °
Runway marking: 01/19
Weather minimum: 150h2000
Night Launch - upon request.
Fuel Availability:
AVGAS 100LL, TC-1, AI-92 / 95

Kusino is a small village on the Tigoda river in the Kirishsky district of the Leningrad region, on the border with the Novgorod region. The name, private airfield AON (landing pad) and received by the name of the village.

If you go along the highway M10, through Shushary, drive out of St. Petersburg in the direction of Veliky Novgorod, then in an hour and a little there will be a fork in the road turning onto Kirishi. This is the A115 Zuyevo-Novaya Ladoga road, in 20 minutes, right by the road you will see the hulls and hangars of the Kusino airfield.

Strictly speaking, the airfield, a simple platform for 70-s agricultural aviation, became thanks to its owner and permanent head Oleg Stryukovaty, the pilot, the head of the Leningrad regional branch of AOPA-Russia.

AOPA-Russia - interregional public organization of pilots and citizens-owners of the aircraft.

The asphalt runway, all entirely in the cracks, through which germinate weeds ubiquitous, short taxiing, leading to two small asphalt Piglet on which stood three railway container, dry closet cubicle and two light aircraft.

That's just the way I am and saw Kusinsk site in 2009 year. We had to do very much. There was no electricity, no water. Grass vymahala sometimes taller than a man. But our commander, Anatolich already seen in this swampy area in which the farm does not even put in his best times, the outlines of a future modern, comfortable airport for small and private aviation.

Most of the modern, urban residents is difficult to understand what a precarious field area. What is the struggle with grass and weeds at the end of safety strips on the runway itself. What is the arrangement of sites for parking and foundations for buildings on wetlands. But the enthusiasm and desire to make a friendly airfield for light aircraft, Oleg, infected us all.

Fyodor, Sasha Pribylsky, Sergey Kaur, other guys, just graduated from school, pilots and students, technicians, we all worked and lived and worked in the same conditions. Despite the fact that we were pilots or aircraft engineers, at first we were just airfield workers. Worked a lot, from early morning to dark, while being able to fly and learn to fly, serve and refuel aircraft, take care of them. On weekends, children from other aerodromes of the region, from other cities, often came to visit. Nobody was left without business. All had time to fly, and work at the airport, and eat shish kebabs. Here, on the court, celebrated together holidays and birthdays, catalyzing those wishing to join the sky, try themselves in the air.

Yes, of course, the main thing that always attracts pilots is, of course, the flights themselves. But our commander has always said: on the ground, at the airport, everything should be convenient, comfortable, beautiful. To be able to have a good rest, ready to fly, to fly. And it taught everyone who worked with him.

Unfortunately, our paths and roads diverged from Oleg Anatolyevich, and only recently I had the opportunity to get back to the Kusino airfield. What I saw amazed and impressed. Everything Oleg said and dreamed about has been realized.

Small resort on Kusino1 airport

Luxury hotel with wooden decorations and furniture made of wood, a sauna, a warm comfortable hangars and offices. Holiday Rooms and negotiations, a classroom and a room preparing to fly. Convenient and beautiful KDP, with balcony along the entire hangar complex on the second floor. Almost the entire territory of the airport, the guest complex is lined with stone, as the pedestrian streets in our city. Equipped with helicopter pads and parking lots. Constantly running lights strip rulezhek and parking.

Small resort on Kusino2 airport

On the guest half airfield equipped with playground, near the place for barbecue and grilling. A small chapel is framed by small fir trees and Tusi. The halls and small house for rest and negotiations are equipped with the latest equipment, always hang huge monitors. Needless to mention that, of course, all have electricity, hot and cold water, satellite TV and Internet, sewage.

Now here, without going straight from the airport, pilots and passengers, after a long flight, or just off the road, can take a shower or soak in the sauna, dip into a street font with or without heating. You can wash your clothes and put yourself in order after the road, eat hearty and tasty meal, drink a cup of hot coffee or something stronger (if you are not a pilot and you do not have to fly!). In the evening you can look at the beautiful sunset in these places from the balcony of your room, or on the interesting illumination of the airfield complex. Watch your favorite show, movie or just sit on the Internet.

After a rest, and prepare your equipment for further road, you can continue your journey on land or in the air.

Small resort on Kusino3 airport

That's what I saw Cousin 2016 airfield, but Oleg Stryukovaty always finds use their boundless energy while continuing to arrange well their favorite child, making it even more beautiful and comfortable. Although now, the site resembles a small resort town near the road, with complete infrastructure.

I hope my photos will give a better idea about this place.

The hotel, comfortable rooms, loggias and balconies

Small resort on the airfield Kushina living roomSmall resort on the airfield Kushina room side viewSmall resort on the airfield Kushina staircase

House for rest and negotiations airfield symbol - Pegasus, and a chapel.

Small resort on Kusino9 airport

Children's playground with a trampoline, slides and swings.

Small resort on Kusino10 airport

Cafe, where you can prepare dishes for every taste, watch TV, drink coffee, and just look at soaring and sitting down aircraft.

Small resort on Kusino11 airport

Training flights are not canceled.

Small resort on Kusino12 airport

Small resort on Kusino13 airport

Terrace hotel with views of the runway.

Small resort on Kusino14 airport

On the opposite side of the airfield there are parking areas, a hangar complex with a control tower, a training class, a flight debating room, an open terrace, and other technical rooms.

Small resort on Kusino15 airport

Terrace along the room for debriefing, the KDP and the room senior air chief.

Small resort on Kusino16 airport

The class for the preparation and debriefing, bright, comfortable, equipped with the most modern equipment.

Small resort on Kusino17 airport

View from the terrace to the airport and a chapel.

Small resort on Kusino18 airport

traffic control tower

Small resort on Kusino19 airport

Parking, lined with stone.

Airfield lighting works around the clock.

Small resort on the airfield airplane CousinSmall resort on the airfield in front Kushina photoSmall resort on the airfield Kushina evening

Little Cousin Resort at the airport before take-offSmall resort on the airfield Kushina evening photoSmall resort on the airfield Kushina time area

Small resort on the airfield side Cousin PhotoSmall resort on Kushina airfield at the airportSmall resort on the airfield Kushina plane at the airport

The small resort at the airport helicopter Kushina photoSmall resort on the airfield Kushina helicopter in flightSmall resort on the airfield Kushina appearance

Private airfield ANI Cousin, in the Leningrad region, especially for Avia.Pro Valery Smirnov visited.

Photo by the author.