Masking airport
Masking airport

Masking airport


Masking airfields falls into obscurity:

  • a) the airfield;

  • b) materiel;

  • c) personnel;

  • g) aerodrome signs of life.

Masking existing airfields complemented device false airfields.

To hide the airfield airfield widely used: field decoration and paint-camouflage - these tools allow you to make the current airfield view the site, it is unsuitable for missions (pitted ditches, wells, a fake easily movable structures: stacks, stacks, stumps, etc. Etc. .); winter - sweeping tracks left by ski planes.

Masking materiel (aircraft) can be achieved using natural shelter (trees, shrubs, terrain), camouflage coloring planes under the protective paint tone areas (Meadow green, yellow on peske- winter - white, and so on. D.) and finally, by special coatings (masksetey). It is particularly important to shelter shiny parts that are most give the plane.

Masking personnel located outside the airport, much difficulty is not as easy to find around the airport any natural closure. It is much harder to disguise personnel at the airport. To do this, take each division team Rank, possibly sheltered (trees, bushes, etc. N.). If no such shelter, they create them artificially.

To hide the signs of life the airfield must be give it a site unsuitable for flying, as described above. It is particularly important to eliminate the traces at the airport by crutches and mask the access roads to the airport.

Likewise, you need to mask the firing point air defense facilities outside the airport personnel and logistical institutions

airfield (supplies of fuel, lubricants, bombs, vehicles, etc.). Masking these objects does not present great difficulties, since they are relatively small, they can always be placed in sheltered places.

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