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Large-scale attack on Russia: 50 drones and dozens of missiles are trying to attack Russian territory

Large-scale attack on Russia: 50 drones and dozens of missiles are trying to attack Russian territory

Russia is preparing to repel a possible massive strike from Ukraine on its territory, which, as RT reports, citing its own source, could be delivered on May 7 from 06:00. According to the source, the Ukrainian Armed Forces can launch about 50 unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as several dozen long-range Storm Shadow, SCALP and ATACMS missiles across Russian territory.

Large-scale attack on the Crimean Bridge

This is the first such strong attack from Ukraine, and Russian authorities are taking all necessary measures to protect the country.

According to an RT source, the Ukrainian side will first release drones in order to use up air defense resources. Next, missiles will be launched at specified targets. This could lead to serious consequences for Russia, so the country's authorities urge citizens to be prepared for any scenario.

“The Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing a massive strike on Russian territory on May 7 from 6:00. According to an RT source, an attack by more than 50 drones and dozens of long-range missiles is expected. First, the enemy plans to launch drones to use up air defense resources, and then hit a target agreed in advance.”, reports RT.

Sources note that the most likely target will be the Crimean Bridge.

“Based on the importance of tomorrow for the media field both in Russia and abroad, as well as the presence of a large number of drones in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we can expect that three missiles towards the bridge are not the last attempts to attack the Crimean bridge. And although of military value and meaning there is no impact on this object; on May 7, the Ukrainian Main Intelligence Directorate will certainly try for an information victory.", - reports "Military Chronicle".

Currently, the American Boeing P-8A Poseidon is on duty in the skies over Romania, providing target designation for drones and missiles. This fact indicates preparation for truly large-scale actions on the part of Kyiv. Moreover, flights of military helicopters were noticed from the Ukrainian border.

Motives for the attack

Experts note that a massive strike by Ukraine could be an attempt to destroy the Crimean Bridge just during the inauguration of Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, in Kyiv they believe that the destruction of the Crimean Bridge will disrupt the transfer of troops and equipment to the Northern Military District zone. At the same time, some experts believe that Ukraine does not have sufficient resources to carry out such a strike.

In any case, the Russian authorities cannot ignore the threat and are taking all necessary measures to protect the country. In particular, recently there has been an increase in air defense in border regions, as well as exercises and training to repel possible attacks.

Previously, Kyiv had already launched at least two attacks on the Crimean Bridge, which led to its damage, however, traffic on the bridge was not stopped - the structure even withstood an explosion of almost 10 tons of explosives in TNT equivalent.

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