Yakovlev Yak-242 (MS-21)


Yak-242 (MS-21) is a design unit of Russian medium-haul aircraft for the transport of passengers at close range. The operational use is planned for the beginning of the year 2016, and the mass production machine must enter the year 2017. The main competitor of the liner is a Chinese-made aircraft S919.

Brief history of the Yak-242 (MS-21)

Program design and manufacture of the aircraft involved Yakovlev Design Bureau in cooperation with the company "Irkut". In the initial stages of design it was also attended by OKB Ilyushin, but at the beginning of the year 2008 he left the project. TsAGI autumn 2010 years spent testing engine and air intakes, which are planning to establish at the passenger liner. These tests made it possible to work out the security mode of the power plant. As a result, TsAGI has developed a set of recommendations for the Yak-242 designers (MS-21).


In September 2011 years "Irkut" company management stated that will be created for customers vehicles that are equipped with 180 passenger seats, although earlier planned to manufacturers produce 150 area with seating. This is due to the fact that most customers prefer the machine with a large number of passenger seats.

Yakovlev Yak-242 (MS-21) video

In the summer of 2012, the aircraft manufacturers signed a contract with Pratt & Whitney, which will supply the PW1400G engine. They will be installed on the new airliner; the first test flight is planned for 2015. In addition, the MC-21 type machine also exists with Russian-made engines, which are designated as PD-14. Aircraft with this type of engine are planned to be delivered to customers from Russia.

ms-21 cockpitms-21 chairms-21 stewardess

Assembling the first full aircraft MS-21 2014 was started in the winter, at the aircraft plant in Irkutsk. In the summer of the same year in TsAGI tests were carried out large-scale models. According to official data the first flight of the new airliner is scheduled for April 2016 years.

Design features of the Yak-242 (MS-21)

The designers of this unit have been developed three versions of this machine. They differ only in the number of seats in the passenger compartment. The first version accommodates a 150 person, the second one is a 181 person, and the third modification can accommodate 212 passengers. A version of the machine with a greater range was developed, which was increased by 1,5 thousands of kilometers.

Yak-242 (MS-21)

The machine has been manufactured as a monoplane low-wing. They are arrow-shaped, they are attached to two pylons of jet engines. chassis system consists of three pillars. Front support a managed type, moreover, all-wheel drive chassis are equipped with braking systems. With regard to aerodynamics body, it is similar to the given class of similar machines, but has some advantages in the sense that puts this unit is much higher other.

MS-21 wider in 11 meters, greatly increases the comfort in the cabin. In the design of the aircraft systems and the latest designs have been added that allow you to achieve high aerodynamic qualities. In the manufacture of the liner involves many new alloys and composite materials, thus reducing the weight of the machine, while the design does not lose its qualities. It should be noted that when using these materials, the machine becomes considerably less expensive to operate.

ms-21 toiletms-21 view from the cockpit

To create a wing to the airplane was created company "Aerocomposite", which has the best designers in the industry. Wings machines are made of composite materials. When ordering the MS-21 airplane you can choose the type of the passenger compartment and engine. As previously mentioned, the engine can be set foreign or domestic manufacturing. The first production aircraft Yak-242 (MS-21) are expected in the year 2017.

Yak-242 (MS-21)

In the manufacture of this machine, many advantages were obtained over the apparatus of this class. First, the domestic machine has ecological engines, excellent aerodynamic characteristics. The advantage over other machines is the relatively small weight of the entire aircraft structure. Secondly, this machine can accommodate a large number of passengers, and such indicators are not all aircraft. Also, this liner has a long flight range with a relatively low fuel consumption. A wide body allows you to place more comfortably a large number of people. All these advantages of the Yak-242 (MS-21) aircraft allow to save up to 50% of costs compared to similar devices of other manufacturers. In the calculations, you can see that this unit will bring a big profit in a year.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 and MS-21 - Civil aviation Russia

The manufacturer plans to carry out serial production of these machines in the number 72 copies a year. "Irkut" corporation plans to produce the model of the passenger aircraft for five years. To date, deliveries seen horizon to 2023 years. According to calculations of the manufacturers will start this project pays for itself with just 350-th machine. Manufacturing of parts and assemblies made simultaneously at several factories, but the final assembly - at the Irkutsk plant.

Yak-242 (MS-21) characteristics:


  • Crew: 2 person

  • Length: 38,25 m

  • Height: 12,55 m

  • Wingspan: 36,25 m

  • Wing area: 120 m²

  • Weight takeoff: 64 600 kg

  • Curb weight of the aircraft: 38 400 kg

  • Maximum payload: 18 000 kg

  • Engines: 2 x PS-90A12 12000 kg

  • Passenger: 156- 162 people.


Flight characteristics:

  • Cruising speed: 800-850 km / h

  • Range of flight: 5000 km

  • Ceiling: 11100- 11600 m

  • The required runway length: 2200 m


Yak-242 (MS-21). Gallery.

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Yak-242 (MC-21). Video. 


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